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hexblot 22nd November 2016 10:31 AM


Originally Posted by Leander (Post 46485)
Adding the ability to mix potions doesn't make much sense in my opinion...similar to adding sockets to any item. It would take away the hunt for the right item, the right potion.

After a while, the "hunt" becomes more of a nuisance than an enjoyable thing.

As I have previously posted, once you are high enough in level, you have VERY limited options on how to get a new worthwhile item. I am level 353 now, and I've already completed the tower, cannot progress in the 14th light dungeon for a while (at the poodle), and cannot progress in shadow dungeons either (midway through 13th floor). To progress I need to massively upgrade stats.

Hence my only source of (good!) epics are quests, the toilet (once a month) and shops (will not add Twister until I actually get an epic from there - even a crappy one).

In the last epic event, I spent about 500 shrooms, and found about 12 epics. - Of those, HALF did not have a socket and would otherwise be a good upgrade.
- From the other half, only 3 where worthwhile socketed upgrades, the rest were utter crap.

And toilet epics are once a MONTH, with my last two item flushes being without a socket.

Sockets (actually the lack thereof) have REALLY started to annoy me.

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