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LucaBlack 7th September 2017 07:51 AM

XP Evolution (III)
Hi everyone,

Original Topic [FR Forum] :

I have launched a few days ago a new study about XP evolution on the french forum. Since it goes well enough for me, I'm now coming here to share and ask help from a greater community.

I won't recap everything, so if you want to hear the full story of these studies here you can read the first post about:

XP Evolution:

The second study was a failure since the curve found for levels 1-393 was no more than a basic exponential and even the developper published it (without values) on the DE forum.

I now want to know what's happening from level 393 to 500... Don't you? Maths say if devs wants to keep the same "XP difficulty evolution" [...]


Now comes the real question:
We know from level 1 to 393.
But we know too that after level 393 you don't need more XP to level up, there is a cap at 1.500.000.000.
And all the higher players will tell that after 393, for every level up, you earn a bit less XP.
So what? A cap appears, and now we earn less XP? The formula of XP evolution have changed. How it looks? That's precisely the aim of that study.

The XP difficulty evolution are the same from level 1 to 393... After 393 you earn less XP, but you don't need more to level up. So the XP difficulty keep increasing... So, maybe the XP difficulty evolution can be just the same after level 393?

If the theory are true, we will observe a simple decreasing right. We won't know how fast the right have to decrease but we'll know that it have to, and that it have to be a right.

So let's just see, uh?

If you want to help me, it's simple. I explain again what to do here and now. All you need is have a character with a level 393 or higher and take 2min of your time.
I need:
-Your character's level;
-The level of his academy
-The amount of XP that academy produce in one hour. [click on it to see]

PLEASE don't give away the XP that the academy can stock. I don't want it!

Example: 435/15/303.626
level 435, academy level 15, 303.626 XP per hour.

Lastest results here /!\ Big Screen /!\

Last Update: Octo./22/17 11:35 PM

I will edit this post later to explain for those who don't understand how to read the curve. And of course sorry for the French therms, but since it's maths vocabulary, I'm not sure to be able to translate them all accurately.

Please leave a "thanks" if you like my work, and PM me if I made language mistakes. I'm far from bilingual lol.

The Orange.

Valkyra 7th September 2017 09:08 AM

405/13/338.501 :cool:

sharshooter 7th September 2017 10:11 AM

Playing 100% exp with accademy. More later (i have to 393 so far):

Lvl Exp [mln] Gold [mln]
320 128,3 30,8
321 121,1 49,6
322 129,1 65,6
323 118,7 44,8
324 134,7 46,9
325 138,3 51,4
327 133,0 62,1
328 136,1 43,9
329 140,6 53,1
330 137,4 47,3
331 136,2 54,8
332 141,2 53,1
333 144,2 60,1
334 140,3 64,9
335 136,4 65,3
336 143,7 66,6
337 144,7 44,7
338 146,5 63,7
339 147,2 61,0
341 143,7 68,9
342 151,0 62,3
343 148,1 83,0
344 151,9 81,5
345 154,8 66,4
346 155,0 70,3
348 151,9 75,8
350 154,2 80,9
351 158,3 94,6
352 151,9 100,0
353 158,4 77,0
354 164,6 94,8
355 161,1 90,0
356 165,8 99,7
357 165,2 80,2
358 164,0 78,0
359 168,4 99,8
360 167,2 94,7
361 166,2 89,0
362 167,8 98,8

LucaBlack 7th September 2017 04:42 PM

I don't really understand your curve, sharshooter, what is "mln"?

sharshooter 8th September 2017 10:16 AM


Originally Posted by LucaBlack (Post 48727)
I don't really understand your curve, sharshooter, what is "mln"?

mln - 10^6

This curve shows total exp per lvl (academy, arena, thirst). Soon I will add more data (to 400 lvl).

LucaBlack 8th September 2017 10:39 AM

I don't know where your values came from but it's false, it has been prooven that the curve from level 1 to 393 are no more than a basic exponential, the developper themselves agreed...

sharshooter 8th September 2017 12:06 PM


Originally Posted by LucaBlack (Post 48745)
I don't know where your values came from but it's false, it has been prooven that the curve from level 1 to 393 are no more than a basic exponential, the developper themselves agreed...

And you believe it ;)? Those values are from the game, I jot down starting exp/gold before I start play and jot down ending exp/gold values after whole day. It doesn't look like exponential for me, it looks like polynomial. As far as I know it will be f(x)=-ax^2 +bc +c .When you calculate derivative in X=393 you will get 0. That means f(x) for x=393 has maximum. When I collect all data (lets say to 410 or more) I can fit the right curve to the data. And we will see how fast exp is decreasing after 393 (if it's simple ax^2+bx+c it should be same like increasing before 393).

PS. Why on your previous curve from lvl 275 to 300 your exp from Academy drops so hard? As far as I remember I was always getting more and more exp/h.

dfps 8th September 2017 05:40 PM

I just passed the twister big barrier so ill be able to help you fast because im lvling up much faster and im still on twister 630.
So im lvl 455 and my lvl 20 academy gives me 343 184 per hour
Btw arena xp keeps on decreasing too... But already done the 10 atacks today.

Leander 8th September 2017 06:38 PM

Thanks for your continued work and contribution! :)

sharshooter 8th September 2017 08:56 PM

I still don't understand previous calulcations (1-394). How come from 275 to 300 exp/h drops so hard?

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