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Leander 17th June 2019 03:54 PM

Shakes & Fidget - 10th Anniversary!

:birthday:HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAKES & FIDGET :birthday:

Shakes & Fidget is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary this Saturday! Our birthday update went live on at 4 p.m. CET today. All other worlds and platforms will get the update some time until Wednesday.
From Friday to Sunday we will have ALL EVENTS AT ONCE (more XP, more Gold, more Epics, more Forest Rarities) and a +20% more mushrooms sale! Moreover, Dr. Abawuwu's Special Offers will be available on these days as well!

In addition, you can also collect the birthday pet Water #17 during the event.


Be the star and fight against your Youtube stars in the new Shadow Dungeon!
Be faster than the rest and boost your performance with Dr. Abawuwu's special time-limited birthday offers!
Be a collector and complete your scrapbook with new achievements, new birthday epics that can be only found till June 30 and all missing epics and monster stickers!
Be meticulous first but slow down later: Missing scrapbook stickers now wobble in the hall of fame and in shops from level 85 on after finding the Holy Grail in the mine!
Be surprised as stickers not found yet will be mystically displayed in the scrapbook!
Be pretty and ask the blacksmith to change the looks of your epics!
Be busy and multi-task: Collect your gold while upgrading the gold pit!
Be convenient and use the + icon next to your items to upgrade them quickly, even several times with the new slider!
Be communicative and send messages to up to 5 recipients at the same time!
Be smart and study your opponents' mouseover in the arena, your guild pet and in the underworld!
Be well-informed and use the new chat commands /mushroomspaid and /mushroomsfree to see how many bought and free mushrooms you had!
Be enraptured as many graphics have been reworked and Fidget has a brand-new shop now!
Be wise and read the entire list of changes and fixed bugs!

New features:


Fixed bugs:


The first version of Shakes & Fidget didn't have a dungeon button but it was called "Crypt". Here are some extra graphics from the game's past and its development:

Last but not least we would like to THANK YOU for playing Shakes & Fidget and your continuous support! Thank you!

Leander 18th June 2019 01:33 PM

The update is live now!

The scrapbook lists 24 stickers not in the game. It is only a visual bug and does not affect your bonus. We are working on a fix.

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