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Strider 26th August 2018 02:05 PM

How are equipment bonuses calculated?
Even though I'm a Dexterity-centric Scout, I've noticed the equipment bonuses on my Constitution and Luck are higher than my Dexterity.

I have all 3-stat epics and all black gems, as far as I know I'm utilizing all bonuses fully for everything.

Arturu 26th August 2018 02:15 PM

Seems ok.

I mean 10 items, ~600 each gives 6k EQ bonus.

Kuba311 26th August 2018 02:20 PM

It is because of the potions. If you drink a potion, your equipment bonus is going to be lower than it should be. I don't know why tho ::/:

Strider 26th August 2018 02:29 PM


Originally Posted by Kuba311 (Post 53719)
It is because of the potions. If you drink a potion, your equipment bonus is going to be lower than it should be. I don't know why tho ::/:

Say What?

For clarification, here's my Dex, Con, Luc

I have 25% Dex Potion, 25% Con Potion, and PoEL

Kuba311 26th August 2018 02:33 PM

Yeah my stats look the same. Luck is the highest because you have no potion for luck. Dex and Con are decreased because of your potions or more like some misscalculations I guess. If you are really curious just remove the potions and see for yourself ;)

slasker 27th August 2018 09:30 AM

Yes - it is peculiar indeed... I have noticed, how equipment bonus drops over time, even when the equipment remains the same... so It happens as described in this thread - that it is proportional (somehow) to the basis score, that gets adjusted with potions.
In my case, the equipment strength score is 85% of the equipment luck score. I have only 3-stat epics, so the bonus should be the same :wall:

Arturu 27th August 2018 11:00 AM

Yeah, just checked mine and potions break the system.

Overall values (added together) are ok, but the way this is shown makes no sense.

Two side notes:
1) Bonus from potions affects pets overall bonus and is calculated into it.

2) Pet bonus still rounds to full percentage values (26,5% -> 27%).

Acclamator 27th August 2018 01:37 PM

The problem is caused by the potions and pets together and the problem is known almost since pets appeared.

Here Eggman has explained the problem, the post is from the german forum (and in german therefore) but I don't like to translate it, maybe you figure it out with

Wasi 28th August 2018 11:55 AM

To get my english back up:

The issue can be explained, the problem is the calculation of the combination of the potion bonus and the pet bonus.

First of all, who is a attribute calculated:
Attribute = (Base + Equipment) * Potion-Bonus * Pet-Bonus

If you have no active potion, the shown statement is correct how the attribute is composed

Example with my Luck:
I have 2400 base luck, 6590 points in equipment and own 18 fire-pets [ (2400+6590)*0,18 = 1618,2 ], which gives me total 10608,2 luck,
in the game the same stats are shown without the decimals.

Now what happens, if you have a potion active:
Example with my intelligence:
I have a base of 8085 Int, Equipment of 10574, 17 Earth-Pets and one 25%-potion.
My intteligence attribute is calculated as follows:
Int. = (base + equipemnt) * Trank-Bonus * Pet-Bonus = (8085 + 10574) * 1,17 *1,25 = 27288,7875 .
In the game I have 27289 Int., so the final result is correct.

The stats of 27289 Int. in the game belong to:
8085 base, 5458 Temporarily, 9781 equipment and 3965 Pets:
The equipment is obviously too low (9781 < 10574).

( As a reminder, the attribute is calculated: Attribute = (Base + Equipment) * Potion-Bonus * Pet-Bonus )
But how is the potion bonus calculated:
Temporarily = (8085 + 10574) * 1,17 *0,25 = 5457,7575

But how is the pets bonus calculated:
Pets = (8085 + 10574) * 0,17 *1,25 = 3965,0375

This means the display has the pet bonus with already calculated potion-bonus inside and the other way round. Therefore both values are calculated with interest on interest, which would lead to a to high sum. The equipment will be lowered by this value to get the right calculated sum in the end.

To solve this problem the pet bonus or the potion bonus have to be calculated without the effect of the other bonus, so that we dont need to lower the stats of the equipment.
Possible Solution:
Base = Base value
Equipment = Item Values + Gem Values
Temporarily = (Base + Equipment) * Potion-Bonus
Pets = (Base + Equipment) * Potion-Bonus * Pet-Bonus

Arturu 28th August 2018 12:23 PM

In best case scenario this issue will be fixed in 2.0.
Although I wouldn't count on that. Playa will probably copy code resposible for game calculations.

Wasi 28th August 2018 12:24 PM

you mean 3.0, right?
We already have 2.0

bobo baggins 29th August 2018 02:24 AM

dang I didn't realize it still wasn't fixed go figure

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