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Colmeni.1 27th January 2020 07:39 AM

Game end ?
When a game end ?

Valkyra 27th January 2020 09:08 AM

It never ends :D

MuratOzkan 27th January 2020 01:52 PM

This game is my youth and my future :D

NthraX 28th January 2020 03:12 AM

Could end if they stop taking care of servers/updates etc.. :/ Probably not on the program ^^
Ps: Hope they will keep up with those events, they make the game live a lot !

Strider 28th January 2020 03:29 PM

Nobody has finished the game yet, but a few are close ... I'm probably one of the closest.

Leander 28th January 2020 09:21 PM

You cannot complete the game. If some players are close to achieving everything, we will add new content, har har har. :D

NiRo 30th January 2020 06:04 PM

What are the plans for this year anyway? Still hoping for elemental Dungeons which would interact with the elemental damage and resistance from the Arena Manager.

Strider 30th January 2020 06:05 PM


Originally Posted by NiRo (Post 58477)
What are the plans for this year anyway?

Spring Update, Anniversary Update, Winter Update

No other information

bobo baggins 9th February 2020 02:27 PM

The game ends when you decide to quit playing.

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