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fullpowerahead 4th April 2011 10:41 PM

Wow what happened to the server?
lotr and the chosen are both suddenly without a lot of members.. I see many without a guild on ranking.
And Arwen/Orlon deleted their accounts? :(

Masq 4th April 2011 11:27 PM

wow. i can't wait to see how this turns out ^-^

merlination 5th April 2011 12:00 AM

Big guilds go boom!!
My mages and I are watching with great interest. Trying to figure out if its a massive reboot of the two guilds or just kicking out inactives. I can think of one or two high ranking mages who will not be impressed with being left to flounder alone in the wilderness with a guild.

merlin mage corps

Aerilwyn 5th April 2011 09:08 AM

A betrayal from within.

Lord of the Rings merged with the Chosen, but they betrayed them and kicked many Chosen members, stealing all officer + guild master ranks.

All the real Chosen have quit this game, leaving only LOTR people using their accounts (thus breaking rules) to ride on Chosen success and guild bonuses.

Arwen deleted her account, Orlon, no idea.

Enjoy your number one Chosen guild, Lord of the Rings!

fullpowerahead 5th April 2011 02:39 PM

Thanks for the information Aerilwyn, this clears things up!

Edit: a pm i got back from Saradain:

"All the real Chosen (who I play World of Warcraft with, the ORIGINAL guys) have quite, and gave
their passwords to various LOTR members.

Myself, I quit this game as well, because I have no real interest in playing with those power-greedy
people :)

Thanks for asking though!


This confirms what Aerilwyn said and if they are using multiple accounts then lets see the admins take some action..

Xodidumdum 6th April 2011 03:01 AM


Originally Posted by fullpowerahead (Post 1570)
This confirms what Aerilwyn said and if they are using multiple accounts then lets see the admins take some action..

There is a guild in the top 5 that the GM bought mushrooms for 10 people, bots their accounts, and multi-accounts for them day for the last few months. The odds of the mods doing anything about this minor infraction in relation are nil.

As for this botched merger/account stealing/account sharing/lots of actives quitting, its sad that the server came to this. Mergers never work at the top in games. There is always fallout. There are always lulz, and in the end, the side that "wins" and turns the merge into a takeover usually succeeds at nothing more than proving what asses they are, and more often than not, they end up weaker than where they started due to the fallout, BUT relatively higher in the pecking order from taking out the competition. LOTR wins, server loses. But that was the plan from the beginning most likely.

Xodidumdum 6th April 2011 03:04 AM

And if any of the accounts were actually stolen like that, they should just recover them as the original owner and delete them, or set them all as a group inactive in another guild to make them more obnoxious to beat in a battle.

Guess we all know how "nice" the people are and their intentions from the new chosen/lotr/fellowship now.

Masq 6th April 2011 02:24 PM

What exactly was accomplished by making this 1 super guild? No ones going to attack you and itís pointless for you to attack other people because you will get no xp or honour (except to rub your epeen). All you will be able to do is clear a few more guild dungeons faster, but for what? level faster? wow thats fun.

All you've done is diminish the competition and made a fairly boring game that much more boring by having 0 competition, so gratz. I wonder how long it will be before you all start quitting because youíre so bored. But then again youíre probably all too busy botting to notice.

Jinze 6th April 2011 06:14 PM

Actually, that might all be a little off as I'm quite sure most of the posts made have been from The Chosen members, I'll lay it down for you for as far as I know / have experienced the whole thing.

A while ago you may have noticed The Chosen overtook Lord of the Rings in ranking and as Arwen didn't seem to have any interest in overtaking them again there was very little interest from the rest of the guild / members as well, most of us just went with it.
As time went on we continued levelling and started getting closer and closer to defeating The Chosen every time we attacked mostly because Leppie and several other officers were very active in recruiting more high level mushroom players to attempt to overtake The Chosen and hopefully clear a few more dungeons.

Eventually we came to a point where we did defeat The Chosen and Leppie (or Arwen I'm not sure, Leppie was the first to bring this up in guild chat) received a mail from The Chosen's leading team asking for a merge with the guild to create a top player guild to quickly swipe through the remaining guild dungeons. It was discussed in chat quite a lot but as it is in any guild, not everyone is online at the same time. Now I'm not sure what triggered this entirely but then one night EarthRise said he'd think about it but it probably wasn't his cup of tea. It was only the next day that Leppie announced that "we'll take that as a yes from you EarthRise" and left the guild immediately inviting many of our higher levels and officers to join The Chosen in their super guild adventure.

When Arwen and some of the others came online later that night they were obviously a bit baffled about what had happened and Arwen seemed to have lost her will to play alltogether (she would leave the game and delete her character not long after). We kept losing members as the higher levels gradually moved over to The Chosen and some of the members that didn't get invited decided to join different guilds as well, Lord of the Rings is currently left with 33 members and Guild Leadership has been thrown my way as I was the only officer left that hadn't moved or deleted their account, in case you're wondering who has deleted their accounts so far that I know of:

Orlon (I'm not sure if the new Orlon is him again though I somewhat doubt it)

I know none of the people on that small list of people agreed to merging with The Chosen and I'm fairly sure it was mostly Leppie's decision to do so. We regret anything that may or may not have happened in The Chosen afterwards and I can't say much of it as I wasn't there myself but I can assure you that it was never our intention to wreck your guild(s) and or the game respectively.

Of course I do hope we can all get out of this mess without too many cuts and bruises. :(

Wall of text crits you for 9001.

Knytul 6th April 2011 07:45 PM

regardless of what happened, the entire rank 1-20 structure is about to change. i seen a few guilds empty up, and a few more fill up. Unfortunately some of these guilds look like they are heading down the same road LotR did. Like Merlination over at the Mage corps, Silver Shark officers have been watching very closely this situation to determine how we want to handle this. Like any other guild, sure we would like to pick up a few members, but not at the expense of our own integrity.

So, i say this wholeheartedly. To all those members out there floatin in the wind, lookin for new homes, if you plan on going to another guild, dont plan on going into it to corrupt it. Be a part of the team, the guild. Help it pursue its goals. I know personally thats the kind of players im looking for to fill some of our inactive spots, not people who think well hand em passwords and officer ranks.

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