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ralff 6th January 2020 08:22 PM

the king?
i tried looking but do not see the specifics listed anywhere.

fully upgrade all fortress buildings

ok. to what level?

fortress level 20

mages tower level 15

smithy level 20

fortifications level 20

archery guild level 15

laborers quarters level 15

woodcutters hut level 20

quarry level 20

barracks level 15

academy level ?

treasury level ?

gem mine level ?

i thought i was done with getting my mine to level 20 but clearly that is not the case.

anyway thanks in advance.

katastrofeas 6th January 2020 10:03 PM

The max levels are: Academy 20, Treasury 45, Gem mine 100.

Valkyra 7th January 2020 05:18 AM

Switching to german language ingame there is a note (in german though :giggle:) attached to this achievement saying mine at least lvl 20 so i'm guessing here but i don't think the requirements have been changed since they added new levels to the gem mine and the treasury.
So you need academy lvl 20, treasury at least lvl 15 and gem mine at least lvl 20.

ralff 7th January 2020 09:47 PM

ok. thanks. the only one i am not at is the academy at level 20. once i get there i will come back to update if i got the achievement.

making us wait to we get the gem mine to level 100 would be ridiculous so that better not be the case.

Gully 7th January 2020 09:51 PM

This achievement was part of the game before the update that expanded the gem mine to level 100, and it wasn't changed, so you can trust the academy 20 thing

ralff 23rd April 2020 10:50 AM

i said i would update so here it is yes getting academy at level 20 gives you the king.

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