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Tmills1402 11th June 2018 02:19 PM

Active warrior searches active guild
Since a few months, i watch many youtube videos about S&F and it always looked appealing to me. Therefore I know most things about the game. But now i wanted to collect some practical experience and so i created an account on W21 3 days ago. Im already nearly level 17 with the collection album already containing a 13% experience bonus + I have the first dungeon opened. It makes incredebly much fun. Now, I know, with the help of a good and active guild, i can level up much more easier and faster. Also, i like the interactions in generall and i would like to be a active member of a nice guild. My username is the same as it is in the Forum: "Tmills1402". Im looking forward for your responses!


PS: Im German and Im not planing to buy any mushrooms, but with the help of lucky coins and the free mushroom every day, Im able to have the best mount + a few extra beers per day :)

Villow von Vald 22nd June 2018 03:45 PM

I would live to have You in Villows Vikings. Expect invite shortly.

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