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TheDinorhino 5th December 2015 02:42 PM

Frozen Hell (W3 International)
Hello everyone,

I would just like to introduce our guild here as we are looking for active, strong and friendly players (preferably above 60, but we will accept if you're willing to level up fast) to join our guild.

Our bonuses are: 92% Treasure, 94% Instructor and our fortress is level 39. We also have 241 knights!

"Frozen Hell are a bunch of strong and friendly warriors, mages and scouts who actually made HELL FREEZE OVER."

We'd be honoured to accept new, active members (lvl 60+) from all over the world. Join us if you want to have lots of fun and a great guild that's determined to grow and succeed with your help. We expect daily gold donations to help expand the guild. Mushrooms are welcome but not mandatory.

When applying please let us have some information about yourself. Send mail to me (TheDinorhino) in game or here in this thread if you wish.

We hope you will join our friendly, active and strong guild! :beer:

TheDinorhino 21st December 2015 01:45 PM

We have about 9 empty spots in our guild, so if you want to join then feel free to message me now. We are however looking for members above level 20.

TheDinorhino 19th January 2016 04:04 PM

Hello, we are still continuing to look for active and friendly members to replace some of the inactive people in our guild. If you play on W3 and are looking for a great guild, then apply today :)

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