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TomyGuns 29th September 2011 09:35 PM

Guilds using lower 2nd guilds to block attacks
Hi there,

i have noticed that several guilds use the following tactic to not drop in rank.

they have a secundairy guild of alot lower lvl attack them whenever possible, so that they cant be attacked by guilds of same or higher lvl.

this way they wont drop in rank, but only gain from the attacks they choose..

is this legal? i dont think this is a fair way! i dont think this is how its intended.

cant wait to hear what you lot have to say about this.

grtz TomyGuns

Knytul 30th September 2011 12:09 AM

i havent heard of this since Chain_Gang used Chain__Gang (_ is spaces) to block attacks. After much chastizing they stopped, but any guild beyond like the top 25, would be kind of pointless for them to do it.

Leander 30th September 2011 04:37 PM

It is kinda boring...but not illegal.

TomyGuns 30th September 2011 05:14 PM

well, its Bitaenna (8th) who lets Bitaenna Fans(363) attack them to block attacks from the top10 guilds... and they are doing this for a while now..

i dont think this is fair, but if the community thinks otherwise, im considering to do the same to secure our position as well...
u can see where this might lead to?

i hope this isnt the way its intended, and that its condemned and perhaps even punishable..

grtz TomyGuns [NEMESIS]

Knytul 30th September 2011 05:31 PM

If they want to try to use this tactic to break into the top 5, more power to them. The consequence to it, as we have learned, is its not so great at the top. Us in the Sharks got to the point where we were forced to lose fights, just so we could lower our honor. I remember at one point, Eternal Reign was 1000 honor above us and Syndicate was 1000 honor below us. We had nobody to attack to gain experience. And Experience is worth WAY more to us than honor, as Exp gets us stronger for dungeons.

So, we lost alot of fights on purpose to lower our rank down so we could attack many more guilds, making the game more enjoyable. We could go back up, but no point. While Bitaenna may think that using this tactic is beneficial, it is really counterproductive to their guild's progression.

Knytul 30th September 2011 05:32 PM

Oh, and say they were to do this all the way to #1, eventually they would quit it and thats when everybody else would attack them, and plummet them ALL the way back down to where they are now. A guild can only stay as high in ranking as theyre actual strength.

TomyGuns 30th September 2011 05:42 PM

this might be true, however, they are not gaining experience from the won attack by their counterguild... but they are getting experience from the attacks they plan on the nrs 7-9-10-11 in rank... i have to agree that in the end it will get them in a spot where they might be in the situation that you described..

but i dont think its fair in other ways as well, cause they are also prohibiting other guilds to gain experience from attacking them.. so they make themselves a gap towards other guilds not being able to gain xp, and forcing them to loose battles (if they are even that smart).. i just think its selfish and its not the way the guild battle system is designed to work..

Knytul 30th September 2011 06:10 PM

All they are doing is wasting time. This time they could be spending getting stronger, they are only gaining a rank they cant keep. They are wasting your time because you lose a target. But that target will come back, and probably you will end up in the end above them.

Cregan 6th October 2011 07:27 PM

Not a problem.

The attacking guild has to wait for 90 minutes before they can attack again. Use this window to attack.

GeorgeKen 6th October 2011 09:09 PM

lower rank / level guilds include (if not all members) a lot of multi - accounts. Thats the problem

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