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Dleh 18th January 2017 07:45 PM

German Guild "Trinkerheim" Recruiting

:beer:We are the Guild "Trinkerheim" on Server W14.:beer:

At this time our Guild has 11 members and we are looking for new ones. There are no specific rules, we just want to have fun together.

When you are at least lvl 14 and an active player, you are welcome!

Please search for "Dlehniem" or "Holz" and write us a message.


Sorry for the missing "l" in the title, itīs gone with the last beer

Dleh 20th January 2017 05:20 PM

:beer:Hello again!:beer:

Our Guild is slowly growing:welldone:, we now have 10 slots free!

What I forgot to tell you:

Our Bonuses:

Gold: 76%
EXP: 100%

We currently didnt finished a Raid and have rank 184 on this server.


Dleh 23rd January 2017 04:35 PM

:beer:Itīs me again!:beer:

We now have 32 members and one slot left.
Also we got our own little guild-forum with chat, tipps etc.
I dont know if i am allowed to post the adress here, but if you join "Trinkerheim", you will get it :whisper:

See you,


Dleh 4th February 2017 10:23 AM

:beer:Good Morning:beer:

A little Update:

Our Bonuses:

Gold: 100%
EXP: 100%

It is now time to start with the guild dungeons!:fight:

Currently we are full, but if you are active and over LVL 25, you can message "nokkel".


Dleh 8th February 2017 07:13 PM


Next Update:

Our Bonuses:

Gold: 104%
EXP: 104%

We now have upgraded the guild and have room for new members!

If you are at least LVL 30, message nokkel!


Dleh 3rd March 2017 07:35 PM

:beer:Hello and MoinMoin:beer:

A little Update to our Guild-Stats:

Gold: 120%
EXP: 120%

We are looking for active players above LVL 50, so if you like to join an active community, please text me ingame!


Dleh 2nd April 2017 06:38 PM


Wir sind noch hier!/We are still here!:rider:

Gold: 130%
EXP: 130%

We have free slots, so please message me ingame ("Dlehniem")


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