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NthraX 24th December 2019 06:30 PM

TV Since update
Hello, I just noted that since the last update, some of the video's from the TV aren't working everytime, I don't think it's specifically one type, but here and there they don't work, especially when you click on them via the fortune wheel..
Am i the only one ? I almost do my 20 wheels everyday without using shrooms, it takes quit a time, but now with those random failures, it takes WAY much more...helppp :(
Now I don't have any motivation to do them...

PziCrow 24th December 2019 07:23 PM

Been experiencing the same. Used to be able to get almost 20 spins a day. But now it's about 2-3 spins a day.

Valkyra 24th December 2019 07:37 PM

Using the browser version i barely get 1 or 2 videos / day, but playing from mobile devices you can get a lot so you might try switching to the mobile app.

NthraX 24th December 2019 08:23 PM

I'm actually talking about the mobile ios version... I have videos h24 7j/7 and if I switch accounts the TV appears if it just disappeared before (lil advice :D ) I'm not talking about not getting videos, but coins afterwards..
I watch the whole 30sec video... to just then see no coins added :( really doesn't make me want to do this anymore... if 1/4 approximatively doesn't work.
Not the same as not getting the TV, cause you don't lose any time like me :)
It isn't the first little lag since update, i think they have to reupdate this update lol

Valkyra 24th December 2019 08:26 PM

I noticed that too on android. Not 100% sure, but I think there is a limit on how many times you can watch the same video that's why the tube appears and nothing happens when you try to watch it.
As for the coins, if you don't get credited after watching the video, they will be added in few days. Happened to me on the UK account. I received some coins after a week or so.

Leander 24th December 2019 10:58 PM

As far as I know there is a certain limit of videos per day.

Marius19 26th December 2019 10:06 AM

Yeah, I noticed that too.I think last week I've watched like 30 videos on browser remastered without even checking if I receive the coins,because I thought everything works fine..But as soon as I made enough money for 20 spins--Surprise--I had just 20 lucky coins..There is a problem on android as well,2-3 out of 4 videos don't get paid.As a f2player,this is the only way I can gain mushrooms,so would be nice to resolve the problem.
Merry Christmas to everyone!!

bobo baggins 26th December 2019 11:38 AM

no limit to the videos and coins on mobile that i had seen when I did use my phone for vids but it does drain the battery way faster then normal app uses.

beroun 29th December 2019 07:01 PM

That feeling when you don't experience this problem neither before nor after the update, because you hadn't had any videos for years... feels good? or bad? not sure anymore

NthraX 14th January 2020 10:30 AM

Okay now i'm sure all the videos from flying tube that don't work come into account after several days, just got a load of them today without looking any, i guess they were from few days ^^

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