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Primus32 7th January 2020 09:14 AM

Didn't get my reward
I played Raid Shadow Legend, for free mushrooms.

I connected the game with Facebook and Plarium.

But i accidentaly pressed Log Out during gameplay.

That's not a problem i thought, because you can log in again....

But when i opened the app again ( Raid Shadow Legend), that game started all over again, from the beginning.

How can i log in with my own game.

I don't want to start all over....

And most of all, i want my reward :)
I made it within the deadline.

Valkyra 7th January 2020 04:42 PM

You need to contact the company which had the offer.

Leander 7th January 2020 09:07 PM

Find the offer again, then click the support link displayed under it (Fyber or Trialpay support).

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