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Low 28th October 2017 11:11 PM

W20 Group (Make W20 Great Again)
Hi! I'm a multiple server lvl 300+ player. I've contacted some of you via mail in the game but now I have the proper way to tell you all what I'm about to create/do with you all.

I'd like to have a group (on FB, Skype, wtv), where we can post names and help each other do the scrapbooks, invite ppl for guilds, introduce ourselves and have a more heartwarming community. I've made this with quite success in my country.
Further into our growth in the server, we can contact each other easily and do Guild Dungeons, make FAQS and share with all of us and create and share what we do, with the advantage of having a more user friendly interface which we can use to chat and to get along. I've already created the group in FB, but I'm open to new ideas.
Reply here and I'll PM you in game since we don't post links :)

Lady Kendra 29th October 2017 12:29 AM

Great ideas, Low!!

I've already got a lot of servers under my wing and such with Discord, but setting up a W20 Discord for our community would be a great idea too.

P.S.: I'm not hugely great with Discord. I can get by, but I'm no technical wiz or anything.

Low 29th October 2017 02:44 PM

The group is already created! Message me in w20: Siga or PM me here! Topics about Scrapbook are already being done! :)

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