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Default General Information & Controls

General Information & Controls

General Information

Shakes & Fidget - The Game is a browser game. You do not have to download any software but you play the game in the browser of your choice.
The game is completely free to play and even ad-free if you disable the Flying Tube.
Shakes & Fidget - The Game's continued development, support and server costs are funded through the in-game currency of mushrooms (). You can buy them in-game to progress faster. For example, you can get additional Thirst for Adventure to complete more quests every day, spend them on items or skip the waiting timer in the arena or in dungeons.

The screenshot above displays the city overview.

1: Click on a building or on a menu button to view the related screen.

2: The gear next to the logo displays the game options while clicking on the "?" lets you contact supoort, open the forum and displays terms, privacy policy and the imprint. Moreover, server and country are also displayed.

3: Your gold (100 silver = 1 gold) and mushrooms. You can have up to 1,000,000,000 gold. Hover your mouse over the mushroom icon to see the maximum amount of mushrooms you can donate to your guild.

4: Facebook icon

5: Guild chat


Esc or X button (under griffin head) -> closes active screen or ends your game session in city overview
Spacebar -> opens guild chat (Esc closes chat again)
O -> options (sound volume etc.)

T -> tavern
A -> arena
Z -> city guard to zzzzzz...sleep
W -> weapon shop
M -> magic shop
S -> stables
C -> character
I -> inbox (mail)
F -> friend list
G -> guild
H -> hall of fame
D -> dungeons

After clicking on a player in the hall of fame you can use your numpad to...

1 invite this player to your friend list or remove him/her again
2 invite this player to your guild
3 demote player or remove player (if normal member) from guild
4 toggle character/attributes display
5 compare player to own character
6 ignore this player
7 display or hide game options
8 send a message to this player
9 attack him/her in the arena


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