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Default Tavern & Arcane Toilet

Tavern & Arcane Toilet


1: Thirst for Adventure. This is your endurance bar which displays how many quests you can still do today as every quest costs TfA points. The bar refreshes once a day at midnight (depending on your server).

2: A lady, adventurer or orc offers you three quests. Select one of them to win XP, gold, honor and sometimes an item or even a mushroom. Every quest reduces your Thirst of Adventure depending on the quest duration. Want to travel faster? Visit the stable and lease a mount.

3: Click the barkeeper to drink beers, up to 11 a day. By doing so you can use up to 300 Thirst for Adventure instead of the default 100. Moreover, the barkeeper also tells you if there is a weekend event.

4: If you are level 100+ you can go upstairs to the Arcane Toilet.

5: Visit the gambler to play a game of luck and win or lose gold and mushrooms.

Hint: red quests are more difficult but the rewards a better.

Hint: during Happy Hour you can spend 1 to skip the waiting timer of a quest. Some servers have Happy Hour between 11 pm and midnight whereas others have it all day long.

Hint: if your backpack is full you cannot get an item as quest reward.

Hint: every completed quest rewards you with 10 honor.

Daily Missions

Click the wanted poster to check out your daily mission. Complete it for some extra XP! Level 10 required. Not during weekend events.

Arcane Toilet

If your level is 100 or higher and you've already found the toilet key on your quests you can click the WC sign in the tavern and enter the Arcane Toilet.
Most heroes usually hoard tons of useless things in their backpacks and the best place for their stuff is...the toilet.

You can sacrifice items to the Gods by throwing them into the Arcane Toilet (drag and drop the item). As a result, the toilet's Mana Tank increases once per day. Hover your mouse over the tank to display the amount of mana points required to flush the toilet.

As soon as the Mana Tank is full, you can pull the chain to flush the toilet and receive a new random item. There is also the chance to get one of the epic items that can only be found in the toilet. In addition, your Aura increases by 1. Aura improves your reputation in the shops: the higher your Aura, the better items you are offered by the merchants.

Although the toilet's Mana Tank increases only once per day you can still sacrifice any number of items. The Gods are merciful and they immediately give an item back for each sacrifice they receive. Such items are not generated for your class but for your followers in the Tower because the Gods have a heart of gold for these little helpers.

Hint: you don't receive gold for the Arcane Toilet items you sell in the shops!

Hint: if you sacrifice an item and receive both mana points and a new item, you don't get mana points for the new item the next day again!

Hint: epic Tower items cannot be sacrificed!

Hint: the Gods prefer epic items! Standard item: 25 mana points, epic item: 50 points, potions: 10 points. The points required to flush the toilet increase with each flush.

Hint: if a sacrifice exceeds the Mana Tank's current maximum the remaining points are lost.

What is Aura? Aura improves your reputation in the shops. Each time you flush the toilet your Aura increases by one, up to level 66. The higher your Aura, the better items you are offered by the merchants.
The special WC epics that are generated in the toilet are toilet-only. You cannot find them in the shops or get them as quest rewards.


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