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Default Arena


Mercyless one on one battles for honor! Show the world how strong you really are!

Input: via City screen // click menu button // press A key

Enter the Arena to fight against other players. Select one of three suggestions and accept the challenge in the popup window.
If you win you are rewarded with Honor and Gold (and even XP, up to ten times a day). Moreover, you also get Scrapbook stickers of your Opponent's Items if you don't already have them.
You can manually choose any Opponent in the Hall of Fame but with no XP reward.
You can save fights by ticking the box in the fight window. You can watch saved fights again in the Battles tab of your Mail.

Hint: an Arena fight is free every 10 minutes. If you are that kind of brawler and feel the urge to cause some more trouble you need 1 for each additional fight.

Hint: if the Honor gap between you and your Opponent is too high you won't win or lose anything.

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