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Default Arena & Arena Manager

Arena & Arena Manager


Mercyless one on one battles for honor! Show the world how strong you really are!

Input: via Town Map // click menu button // press A key // click medal (Arena Manager)

Enter the Arena to fight against other players. Select one of three suggestions and accept the challenge in the popup window.
If you win you are rewarded with Honor and Gold (and even XP, up to ten times a day). Moreover, you also get Scrapbook stickers of your Opponent's Items if you don't already have them.
You can manually choose any Opponent in the Hall of Fame but with no XP reward.
You can save fights by ticking the box in the fight window. You can watch saved fights again in the Battles tab of your Mail.

Hint: an Arena fight is free every 10 minutes. If you are that kind of brawler and feel the urge to cause some more trouble you need 1 for each additional fight.

Hint: if the Honor gap between you and your Opponent is too high you won't win or lose anything.

Arena Manager

Fighting is cool, but smart people let others do the dirty work and earn money safely.

Input: click menu button twice // press A key twice // click medal (Arena)
Required: Level 105+

1: Your Money

2: Your Runes

3: Objects you can build

4: Multiplicator

5: Sacrifice button

6: Merchant

Your goal is to build a prosperous Arena first, then sacrifice everything for runes and start from scratch.

You start your journey with a small arena with nothing at all but some cheap seats. They generate Money (1) every few seconds, even when you are not logged in to the game. After collecting some Money you can upgrade your seats for a higher income per time unit or build something else (3), for example a parking lot, a popcorn stand or even traps and straying monsters to spice the Arena fights up for your audience.

Becoming rich doesn’t mean you have to do a lot. Just use the “X1 button” in the top-right corner (4) to switch the multiplicator between X1, X10, X25, X100 and Max for raising your upgrades more quickly.

Once a day, a merchant (6) pays you a visit and offers his boosts with a permanent effect on your arena. Every day, when you start the game, the merchant will be available for two hours only and you will be able to spend on his special deals. The arena button is flashing during his stay. Hover your mouse over an offer to display the description. Not only does the 2 hour countdown of the merchant start when you start playing Shakes & Fidget but also the 20-hour countdown when he will show up with new boosts on the next day.

There are speed (adds moving bars to the progress bar) and money boosts (adds a golden effect) and specials to skip time (24 hours, 3 days, 7 days). Upgrading everything with speed and money boosts unlock platinum boosts that produce twice as much as golden upgrades and four times as much as normal ones.

The more attractive and exciting your Arena, the higher your income!
Once satisfied with your money, click the Sacrifice button to sacrifice everything (yes, your whole Arena Manager progress – objects and Money!) for Runes. You only keep your Runes and boosts from the Merchant.

“Why should I sacrifice everything?” you may ask. First, Runes have a lasting effect as your Money income is increased by +5% per Rune. Second, after collecting 1,000+ Runes you unlock Rune enchantments in the shops. The more Runes you have, the higher the bonus of an enchantment.

Here's the list of runes in the game. They can appear on any item with the exception of damage runes that are restricted to weapons. Runes of the same type add up* and are capped at a certain maximum.

XP for quests, max. +10%
Gold for quests, max. +50%
Chance of epics (does not work in dungeons!), max. +50%
Improved item quality, max. 5
Hit points, max. +15%
Fire damage, max. +60%
Cold damage, max. +60%
Lightning damage, max. +60%
Fire resistance, max. +75%
Cold resistance, max. +75%
Lightning resistance, max. +75%
Total resistance, max. +25% per item, up to +75% for all items

The numbers above are for epic items. Regular items have up to half of the indicated bonuses, rounded up. For example, up to 5% XP bonus instead of 10 or 33% cold damage (epic item) vs. 16.5% -> 17% cold damage (regular item).

Hint: Elemental damage is percentual damage based on your normal damage and elemental resistance reduces the elemental damage from runes percentually.

For example, if you deal 100k damage in a fight round and your weapon has a +10% fire damage rune, your total damage is 110k. Now your opponent's resistance comes into play. Let's assume he/she has a total of 15% fire resistance. Your opponent suffers 100k damage from your normal damage but only 85% of your fire damage because of his/her fire resistance of 15%. Therefore, you deal a total damage of 108,500 hit points (of course further reduced by his/her armor).

Therefore, your elemental damage is NOT neutralized if the opponent's resistance has a higher value than your elemental damage!

* if your ring has a gold bonus of +10% and your helmet has another +5%, you have a total bonus of +15%.

Shakes & Fidget Community Manager

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