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Default Weapon Shop

Weapon Shop

Visit the Weapon Shop to buy weapons, hats, breastplates and shoes. They are randomly generated based on your level and Aura (Arcane Toilet). Drag and drop an item from the shop into your backpack. Then drag and drop it onto the free matching character slot. You can also swap items between your character and backpack.
The shop is refreshed once a day. You can also spend 1 to immediately get new offers.
You can also sell items but keep in mind that sold items will be lost.


You unlock the blacksmith at level 90 but of course only heroes with pets can enter the smithy. That makes sense, right?

Visit the blacksmith by clicking the smithy next to the weapon shop (city screen), clicking the weapon shop menu button a second time or clicking the "Obscure pommel" in Shakes' weapon shop.

The blacksmith has a total of four actions that either cost or give you metal and arcane resources. Drag and drop an item onto one of the actions to use them.

List of actions:

1) Socket upgrade: adds a gem socket to an item.

2) Attribute upgrade: you can improve an item up to 10 times. Every upgrade 3% of the item's current bonuses. How many times an item has already been improved is displayed in the upgrade box or when you hover your mouse over the item.

3) Dismantling: dismantles (and destroys) an item into a random number of metal and arcane resources. This action can be used up to five times a day. Hint: dismantling a mage or scout weapon adds twice as many resources but counts as two actions. *

4) Gem extraction: extracts the gem from a socketed item and destroys the item. The gem is sent to your backpack , ready to be used in a different item.

* added for balancing reasons (shield compensation and other warrior-related weapon specifications)

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