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Default Magic Shop & Witch

Magic Shop & Witch

Magic Shop

Visit the Magic Shop to buy rings, amulets, talismans and potions. They are randomly generated based on your level and Aura (Arcane Toilet). Drag and drop an item from the shop into your backpack. Then drag and drop it onto the free matching character slot. You can also swap items between your character and backpack.
The shop is refreshed once a day. You can also spend 1 to immediately get new offers.
You can also sell items and potions but keep in mind that sold items will be lost.


You will find the Witch's hideout by clicking the Inconspicuous Book next to Fidget in the magic shop if you are level 66+:


The Witch secretly concocts her mixtures for the spell scrolls there but she needs some ingredients.
Hover your mouse over the cauldron to display the ingredients needed every day and how many of them have already been provided. The requirements are indicated in points.
Don't worry! The indicated amount the Witch needs is the combined goal of all players in your world.
When the required amount has been reached the Witch is ready to start her ritual. She needs 24 hours to complete a spell scroll.
Your unlocked spell scrolls are attached to the wooden beam. You can buy them by clicking them.
Use the spell scrolls to enchant your items with different bonuses.

Hint: when used as ingredients, epic items add the same number of points as normal ones.
Hint: every item can be enchanted only once.
Hint: the enchantment bonuses only affect your character but not your tower companions!


Q Where is the witch?
A Magic shop -> click the Inconspicous book next to Fidget if you are level 66+.

Q What does the witch do?
A She brews spell scrolls in her cauldron. She needs ingredients in order to complete her ritual. Once complete (=the cauldron shows 100%), a random spell scroll becomes available. You can directly buy it here: magic shop -> Inconspicous book -> click on the scroll you would like to buy and the equipped item the scroll matches will be automatically enchanted with it.

Q What does the witch need for her ritual?
A She needs many ingredients. The type of ingredients changes every day and it resets at midnight. For example, on day 1 she needs belts, on day 2 she needs rings, on day 3 she needs weapons. Note: the progress of the cauldron does not reset! Of course the goal of 100% does not have to be reached in only one day. The cauldron only resets once the ritual is complete and a new spell scroll is available.

Q Type of ingredients?
A Take a look! She needs all types of items except shields!

(thanks to fr4Xt3r of the German forum for the image)

1) Headgear
2) Breastplates
3) Gloves
4) Shoes
5) Weapons
6) Shields: only warriors have shields! The witch never needs shields!
7) Talismans
8) Rings
9) Belts
10) Amulets

Q How many items should I donate?
A As many as possible. The more items you donate, the faster the witch will complete her ritual.

Q What should I throw into the cauldron? And what's not recommended?
A Good: normal items of the type she needs. Not recommended: epic items. It's possible to donate them but they only count as normal ones. Also possible: enchanted items (but also not recommended).

Q Am I obliged to donate items? What is my reward?
A You do not have to donate items but it is highly recommended. The goal will be reached more quickly if a lot of players donate a lot of items. The reward is the spell scroll...but it will become available to all players, no matter if they donated items or not. Note: you get some gold for throwing an item into the cauldron! The witch is even more generous than the shopkeeper! Exception: Arcane Toilet items.

Q The witch needs different ingredients on different servers and the progress is different?
A Yes, it's random what the witch needs every day. The goal is to reach 100%. The point total needed to complete the ritual varies from server to server. It depends on the number of active players. If a server has fewer active users the point total is lower and a single donated item adds more points. It does not matter if the server is an old or new one as everything is still fair and balanced due to the percentual goal.

Q The cauldron has reached 100%. What now?
A A spell scroll is unlocked. You can directly buy it here: magic shop -> Inconspicous book -> click on the scroll you would like to buy. It costs only and no .
Q What's the purpose of a spell scroll?
A Enchant 1 item your character has currently equipped with 1 spell scroll. There are 9 different types of spells - one type for each item type. If the spell is a weapon spell you can only enchant your weapon with it. Using it is final so it is not possible to disenchant the item. The enchanted item adds a bonus but it does not increase your character attributes. It is not possible to enchant an item twice.
Note: you can also enchant epic items!

Q What about the Arcane Toilet and the Tower?
A It is possible to throw enchanted items into the toilet. Your companions in the tower are able to wear enchanted items but the bonus will have no effect.

Spell Scrolls

1) Sword of Vengeance:
Enchant your weapon to increase the damage of critical hits in combat.

2) Mario's Beard:
Enchant your breastplate to find mushrooms more often on adventures.

3) 36960-Feet Boots:
Enchant your footwear to shorten traveling time on adventures.

4) Shadow of the Cowboy:
Enchant your gloves to draw first in battle more often. The person with the highest reaction score starts.

5) Adventurer's Archaeological Aura:
Enchant your hat to earn extra experience points on adventures.

6) Thirsty Wanderer:
Enchant your belt to stomach an extra beer once in a while.

7) Unholy Acquisitiveness:
Enchant your amulet to find items at the path's edge on adventures more often.

8) The Grave Robber's Prayer:
Enchant your ring to find extra gold on adventures.

9) Robber Baron Ritual:
Enchant your talisman to increase the chance of loot when holding up other players.

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