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Default Dungeons, Tower, Demon's Portal, Shadow World & Twister

Dungeons, Tower, Demon's Portal, Shadow World & Twister


What would a RPG be without dungeon? Dark dungeons? Deep dreadful dungeons of death and doom? And despaaaaaair? Face your fear and enter the unknown depth of a forgotten tomb for love and light? No, for lots of loot!

1: The world map is full of Dungeons and the fairy-tale Tower!

2: The Demon's Portal.

3: Click the medal to switch between Light and Shadow World.

Dungeons (Light World)

Input: via Town Map // click menu button // press D key // click medal (Shadow World)
Required: Level 10+

Official Dungeon Guide: Link

When can I get a Dungeon Key?

Key to Dungeon 1: Level 10+ *
Key to Dungeon 2: Level 20+
Key to Dungeon 3: Level 30+
Key to Dungeon 4: Level 40+
Key to Dungeon 5: Level 50+
Key to Dungeon 6: Level 70+ and bought in Magic Shop
Key to Dungeon 7: Level 80+
Key to Dungeon 8: Level 95+
Key to Dungeon 9: Level 110+ and bought in Weapon Shop
Key to Dungeon 10: after clearing Dungeons 1-9
Key to Dungeon 11: after clearing Dungeon 10 or clearing the first 10 Twister floors
Key to Dungeon 12: after clearing Dungeon 11
Key to Dungeon 13: after clearing Dungeon 12
Key to Dungeon "Easteros": in the Gem Mine of the Fortress if Dungeon 12 is already open
Key to Dungeon "Time-honored School of Magic": after reaching Level 200
Key to Dungeon "Hemorridor": in the Gem Mine of the Fortress if Dungeon 12 is already open
Key to Dungeon "Nordic Gods": in the Gem Mine of the Fortress if you are Level 180+
Key to Dungeon "Mount Olympus": in the Gem Mine of the Fortress if you are Level 200+

* from Level x on. Sometimes it takes a little longer, especially for Keys 6 and 9!

How do I know I will get a Key for completing a Quest?
The Key is shown as a reward for the Quest (similar to standard Items).

What if I sell a Key?
Don't worry, it does not matter. You can find the Key again until you use it to open the Dungeon.

What if I lose a Quest with a Key as reward?
It does not matter. You will find the Key again.

Do I have to clear a Dungeon to get the next Key? No. You can open multiple Dungeons without having to complete some of them first. Some are an exception though, please read the list above.

Keys are randomly generated. Sometimes you can have a character with level 30 for example and you still haven't found the key to the second dungeon yet (although you can find it from level 20 on). It is pure chance...either luck or bad luck. Be patient and keep waiting, you will definitely get your key.

What Loot do I get for defeating a Dungeon Monster?
The Monsters drop XP and or an Item. If you win an Item it is either a normal Item (50% chance) or an Epic Item (50% chance). Only the last Monster of a Dungeon drops a guaranteed Epic Item!

Can I complete a dungeon again?
No. You cannot enter it a second time. You defeated all the Monsters anyway.


Remember all those fairy tales you were afraid when you were a little kid? Now relive them all! You are not alone as three fellow heroes join your quest for glory.

Input: click Tower (Light Dungeon)
Required: clear Dungeons 1-9

1: Your three Companions, a Warrior, a Scout and a Mage. They help you fight.

2: The Tower consists of 100 floors. You'll meet popular fairy tale and folklore characters.

Three Companions join you on your mission to clear the Tower: the Warrior Bert, the Scout Kunigunde and the Mage Mark. They automatically level up with you and can be equipped with Class-specific Items from the Arcane Toilet. Your bonus increases by 1% for each floor completed and you can find Epic Items for your Companions but not for your Class though.

Hint: the Epic Items you find in the Tower cannot be sacrified in the Arcane Toilet. Moreover, you don't receive Gold for Tower Items you sell in the Shops either.

Hint: Companions can only use the Witch scrolls "Shadow of the Cowboy" and "Sword of Vengeance". The Underworld's Gladiator bonus works, too. Moreover, they can use the bonus of elemental damage, hit points and resistance runes.

Hint: if you are an Assassin your main Attribute is Dexterity although you use Warrior weapons. However, if you hand the weapon (epics only!) to your Warrior companion dexterity will be changed to strength automatically. Moreover, the Epic gear of Battle Mages (helmet, breastplate, gloves, shoes, belt) consists of Mage Items with Strength Attributes. If you give such Epic Items to your Mage Companion Strength becomes Intelligence automatically.

Demon's Portal

Input: click Portal (Light Dungeon)
Required: Level 99+

After reaching Level 99 you get access to the Demon's Portal (also known as the Dungeon Portal). You can enter the portal once a day to fight against an extremely dangerous Monster. It regenerates its Hit Points by 10% at midnight. Defeat a Monster to receive +1% Hit Points as a permanent bonus.

Shadow World

For a long time nobody knew of the Shadow World's existence but it is real! You think dungeons are deadly? Get ready for someting darker and deadlier!

1: The Twister.

2: Click the medal to switch between Shadow and Light World.

Input: press D key twice // click medal (Light World)
Required: access to Tower & Level 125+

After unlocking the Tower and reaching Level 125 you can find the key to the Shadow World in the Gem Mine of your Fortress. The Monsters that lurk in the shadows are much stronger than normal baddies as their powers are boosted by evil shadows.

Don't be afraid! Your Tower Companions will help you on your adventures in the Shadow World. To find the key to the next Shadow Dungeon you have to defeat a minimum of 5 floors of the current Shadow Dungeon (valid for Shadow Dungeons 1-14).

Keys to Shadow Dungeon "Time-honored School of Magic": after reaching Level 350 (key in Gem Mine)
Key to Shadow Dungeon "Hemorridor": after clearing 5+ Floors of Shadow Dungeon 12 (key in Gem Mine)
Key to Shadow Dungeon "Continuous Loop of Idols": after reaching Level 222 (Character) and having access to the Tower (key in Gem Mine)
Key to Shadow Dungeon "Nordic Gods": after reaching Level 280, key in Gem Mine
Key to Shadow Dungeon "Mount Olympus": after reaching Level 300, key in Gem Mine

Hint: defeat a Shadow Monster and find an Epic Item for your Class or your Companions (similar to the Tower).

Hint: Shadow World Epics cannot be sacrified in the Arcane Toilet.

The Twister

You've seen a horde of monsters in different locations and dungeons. Now imagine a giant twister with all of them coming at you again!

Input: click Twister (Shadow World) // press D key twice // click the medal (Light World)
Required: access to the Tower, Level 125+

Unlocking Shadow World will automatically unlock The Twister. Fight against 1000 random Monsters from the Light World for XP, Gold and Items! If you defeat a Monster with 90%+ Hit Points left you get a free attack (no countdown timer/ needed). Unlock special Epic Items by completing certain asks such as clearing floor 100 or 250. Once unlocked you can find them anywhere in the game. These Epic Items won't be added to your Scrapbook though.

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