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Don't want to walk? - Get yourself a mount! It will reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a quest.

The mounts are:

Griffin, Dragon Griffin: -50%
Blue Tiger, Raptor: -30%
Horse, Wolf: -20%
Cow, Pig: -10%

Hint: You can extend the rental period by booking the same mount again. The duration of the rental will be increased.

Hint: You can replace an existing mount with a faster model but the old mount will be lost.

Hint: The mount selection varies for the two factions but prices and stats are the same.

Hint: The "environmental award" can only be collected once.

Fox & Flying Tube

Playa has found a temporary solution for the deactivated Flying Tube. Every player who does not have a mount or only one with -10%, -20%, -30% travel duration has access to this temporary solution. The Flying Tube will appear and show an ad video. For every video you watch you get a new mount: a fox.

The fox temporarily replaces your current mount and shortens your travel duration by -50% (similar to a dragon griffin/griffin dragon) for three quests.
Your normal mount will return after the fox has expired.
The fox is stackable. You can have it for 9 quests for example (after watching three videos).
Your current mount still expires even if you have the fox. Example: you have the tiger with 5 days left, then watch videos to have the fox for 5 days. The tiger will still run out after 5 days although you have the fox.
Basically, the fox is only a boost for your mount...your tiger puts on a fox fur that makes it go faster but it is still a tiger.

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