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Default Guild, Raids & Demon's Portal (Guild)

Guilds, Raids, Demon's Portal (Guild) & Guild Pet


The lands of Shakes & Fidget are populated by thousands of heroes. Feeling alone? Can't defeat them all? Join a Guild because together you are strong.

1: Your Guild Members

2: Coat of Arms. Create your emblem (Guild Leader) or suggest a new one.

3: Sword Icon to attack other Guilds

4: Shield Icon to defend your Guild

5: Raid Icon

6: Guild Portal (Level 99+ required)

7: Guild Description

8: Upgrades and Mushroom Catapult

9: Guild Pet

10: Guild Chat

Input: via Town Map // click menu button // press G key

Teamwork is highly important as joining a Guild has many benefits. Either found a Guild (you'll need 10 Gold and a Guild name) or join another Guild.

Founding and joining Guilds

Changing Guilds

Running a Guild

Guild Description

Introduce your Guild, describe your goals, announce that you are looking for new members etc.
Your Guild description is visible to all players. If only Guild Members should be able to read the description or parts of it, you can exclude non-Members by following this tutorial.

Guild Ranks

Each Guild has room for 50 Members and consists of Guild Leader, Officers and normal Members.
The leader can invite, promote, demote and kick players, declare Guild attacks and Raids, upgrade the Guild, change the Guild Description and approve the Coat of Arms.
Officers can invite players, kick regular players, declare Guild attacks and Raids, upgrade the Guild and suggest a Coat of Arms.
Normal Members can only suggest a Coat of Arms.

Guild Upgrades

A Guild has two features that can be upgraded by every player, Treasure and Instructor!
Every Player adds his/her personal Skill Points to your Guild Total. Click the + Icon to upgrade a feature with your own Gold and Mushrooms.
The Skill Points of all Players are added up, resulting in the Group Skill.
Divide the Group Skill by 5 to get the percental bonus of the Instructor or Treasure.
If a Player leaves the Guild his/her Skill Points are gone.
If you leave your Guild you take your Skill Points with you.

Upgrade costs

Guild Fights

The Guild leader or an Officer can click on the Sword icon to declare an attack for 100 Gold, whereas the other Guild Members can only click it to join an attack. The Shield icon becomes clickable only if another Guild is about to attack yours.

The Sword icon has two functions:

Guild Leader and Officers:
By clicking the Sword the Hall of Fame is displayed. There you can select a Guild to attack and also see which Guilds are currently under attack and therefore cannot be attacked by you. After viewing the Guild page of your selected Opponent, you have to click on the Sword again in order to declare the attack.

Other Guild Members:
Guild, date and time of an attack are shown next to the sword icon. You have 10 hours to get ready for an attack.

The Shield icon:

If another Guild is about to attack your Guild, date and time of the attack are displayed next to the shield icon. Your Guild members have 10 hours to get ready for the defense. All Guild Members take part and try to defend their Guild: Members that have clicked on the Shield fight with 100% of their Hit Points, whereas Members that have not clicked the icon have only 50% in the upcoming battle. Note: players that haven't logged in to the game for 14 days or longer only take part with 10% of their Hit Points.

Victory in a Guild War:

In case of victory, the attacker gains Honor (depending on the Guilds' difference in Honor). The amount of XP depends on the other Guild's Honor. If the attacker loses the battle, the Guild loses honor.

If an attack is warded off, the Guild gains Honor (depending on the Guilds' difference in Honor). If the defending Guild loses the battle, the Guild loses Honor.

After a Guild fight:

After a Guild fight the Guild has to rest for 90 minutes. Only after these 90 minutes can another Guild be attacked.


Upon reaching level 50 the Guild Leader unlocks Raids. If you are Level 50+ and a Guild Leader or Officer you can initiate a Guild Raid for 10k Gold.
All Guild Members that have clicked to join the attack and have been a member of the Guild for 24 hours at least automatically participate in the Guild Raid regardless of their level.

All participating Guild members attack the Dungeon Monsters similar to a Guild fight. If you succeed all participating Characters are awarded an XP bonus in relation to their level. In addition, your Guild features can be upgraded with each Dungeon cleared. If you lose you can try again but all Gold spent on an attempt to clear the Dungeon is lost.

Hint: if you have cleared a Dungeon with a Guild you can enter the same Dungeon with another Guild again but you will not get more XP. Each Dungeon adds XP to your Character only once.

Hint: if you miss a Guild Raid because you have not clicked the button to join your fellow Guild Members you will not be awarded anything nor can the attack be repeated. However, you will benefit from the bonus of the Guild upgrades.

Demon's Portal (Guild)

Required: Level 99+

You can enter the portal once a day to fight Monsters on the other side of the Portal.
The Monsters are extremely difficult to defeat but fear not! Your Guild Members can also fight against them once a day. The displayed health bar of the Monster is shared among guild members. Together you are strong. Beware as the Monster regenerates its health by 10% at midnight.
Defeat a Monster and all Guild Members get +1% Weapon Damage as a permanent bonus. Moreover, a sticker will be added to your Scrapbook.

Hint: if you are a new Member you will automatically get all missing Portal stickers after 21 days of membership!

Guild Pet

Required: Level 150+ Guild Leader with a Level 100+ Pet and a minimum of 10 Guild Members

The Guild Pet needs a minimum Level of 100 and can be only chosen by the Guild leader. The Attributes of the Guild Pet are calculated based on the first 25 (not necessarily highest) Guild Members. All Attributes are added up and divided by 10.

The maximum Level of the Guild Pet is limited to the Character Levels of the first 25 (not necessarily highest) Guild Members. All Levels are added up and divided by 25, even if the Guild has fewer Members. Check out the screenshot above and find the lines "Pet level" and "Maximum (= member)".

The Pet Level value in the screenshot displays your Personal Skill when you send the Guild Pet into battle. It starts at 0 and can be upgraded up to 600.
The line below "Maximum (= member ) displays your Guild's Group Skill, the average Level of the first 25 (not necessarily highest) Guild members and represents the current maximum Level the Guild Pet can attack with. If your Personal Skill is lower than the maximum Level, your Skill is used for fight calculations. If your Personal Skill is higher, the Maximum Level / Group Skill is used instead. Upgrading your Personal Skill beyond the current maximum is possible but not recommended as it does not improve anything. Therefore, a text popup is displayed, warning you that your Personal Skill is already maxed out.


a) Pet Level: 150, Maximum (= member ): 384. Level used for fight calculations: 150.
b) Pet Level: 340, Maximum (= member ): 384. Level used for fight calculations: 340.
c) Pet Level: 400, Maximum (= member ): 384. Level used for fight calculations: 384.
d) Pet Level: 600 (the absolute maximum!), Maximum (= member ): 384. Level used for fight calculations: 384.

Now you know a lot about the Guild Pet but what is it all about? What does it do? The Guild Pet's nemesis is the dreadful Hydra. Every Guild Member can send the Guild Pet into battle once a day. The damage of all attacks is added up. If the Hydra is defeated, it loses one head and all Members gain a bonus on Daily Missions. On the next day, the Hydra comes back with more heads and is even more dangerous but also gives you a higher bonus if you manage to defeat it again.

In case you do not defeat the Hydra on a day, it also loses a head (and becomes less strong) but your bonus is reduced as well.

a) Five-headed Hydra defeated -> it becomes the Six-Headed Hydra and your Daily Mission bonus is increased.
b) Five-headed Hydra not defeated -> it becomes the Four-Headed Hydra and your Daily Mission bonus is decreased.

Hint: Just like Characters, Pets have Classes as well (Warrior, Scout, Mage). In case a Guild mainly consists of a certain class, the Pet should be chosen accordingly for maximum effectiveness. Example: a Guild with mostly Mages should choose a Mage Pet such as Tinck.

Hint: You can change the Guild Pet at any time.

Guilds, Inactive Players & Banned Players

Guild Fights:
Both inactive and banned players only fight with 10% of their hit points

Guild Pet:
Banned players do not boost it
Inactive players boost it

Guild Upgrades:
Banned players do not count towards Upgrades
Inactive players contribute their Guild Skills

Hall of Knights:
Both inactive and banned players contribute their Hall of Knights points

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