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Default Dr. Abawuwu

Dr. Abawuwu's Fortune Apparatus (Wheel of Fortune) & Flying Tube

Dr. Abawuwu's Fortune Apparatus (Wheel of Fortune)

Select Dr. Abawuwu in the game menu or click on the top-right X to be taken to city overview, then click on the covered wagon:

You can use Dr. Abawuwu's Fortune Apparatus once a day and spin the wheel. You can test your luck up to 20 times a day by spending a mushroom each or 10 lucky coins. Lucky coins are rewarded for watching the flying tube's ad clips.

The Fortune Apparatus comes in two versions!

Version 1.0:

You can win experience points, gold, wood, stone (in two different amounts) and also items (even epic ones if you are lucky!) and mushrooms.

Version 2.0:

You can win experience points, gold, wood and stone for your fortress, arcane resources for the blacksmith, fruit for your pets, souls for your underworld, items (even epic ones if you are lucky!) and also mushrooms.

A level of 95 is required. Moreover, you need to have access to the blacksmith, pets and underworld. You find the upgrade as a quest reward. Upgrading the Fortune Apparatus cannot be undone!

Flying Tube

Watch ad videos to earn lucky coins for the Wheel of Fortune! The availabilty of ads depends on your country, region and other factors. Also make sure to add the game to your popup blocker's list of exceptions. If a video does not give lucky coins, please read this thread how to report ad video errors.

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