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Default In-game Private Messages

In-Game Private Messages

You don't need a message in a bottle to communicate with other heroes. We have a handy mail box!

Input: press I key (inbox), press B key (Battles), press L key (switch between Battles and Friend list)
Required: Level 10 (sending messages)

1: Switch beteen Mail, Battles (fight reports) and your Friend list

2: Use these buttons to reply to, delete and write new messages.

3: If you want to delete your entire inbox click the number of stored messages.

Enter a player's name you want to send a message to. His/her profile is displayed to make sure you send it to the correct player.
You can have up to 99 personal messages and Guild invitations. Slot 100 is reserved for messages from us.
You can save up to 50 fight reports (Arena, Guild, Fortress...). Once over the limit old fights will be automatically deleted. Moreover, they will also be deleted after 14 days.
If you want to save a fight report tick it. If you want to delete it later on, simply untick it.
You can also add friends to your Friend list for faster communication.

Hint: you can send a message to the whole Guild by clicking on "Guild". Only actual Guild members will receive this message but not invited players.

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