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Default Character & Magic Mirror

Character & Magic Mirror


This is your in-game appearance. Click on the avatar to edit it. You cannot change your race or class even if you change your appearance.

The character screen displays your account name, guild, class, XP progress bar and level. Moreover, it shows your attributes, mount, scrapbook and potions. Hover your mouse over the values to display more information. The attributes can be boosted by drinking potions or you can also increase them one by one by clicking on the "+" sign.

Use your profile description to introduce yourself and keep track of personal records.

Hint: you can view other characters in the Hall of Fame.

Hint: you can buy the golden frame if you have 1000 .

Magic Mirror

From level 50 on characters can find the 13 shards of the broken Magic Mirror on quests (tavern). Drag and drop these shards onto your character to activate them (similar to potions). Collect all 13 shards to restore the Magic Mirror again. Its magic ability lets you go on quests while your mirrored alter ego can fight in the arena at the same time.

Hint: if you are already carrying a shard in your backpack you cannot find another one.

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