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Default Character, Magic Mirror & Scrapbook

Character, Magic Mirror & Scrapbook


This is your character, this is your hero, this is your alter ego, this is your avatar, this is your everything, this is...your precious!

Input: click Avatar // press C key

1: This is your Avatar. Click it to edit your in-game appearance. You cannot change your race or class though.

2: Your Attributes. Move your mouse over them for more details. Click the + icon to increase an Attribute for .

3: Your Hall of Fame rank, Scrapbook and Achievements, Mount, Quicksand Hourglasses and Potions.

4: Your Backpack. Highly important as every hero needs a lot of space to carry a ton of Items. You start with 5 slots but the Backpack can be upgraded to 20 slots with the Treasury in the Fortress.

5: Character Description. Use your Character Description to introduce yourself and keep track of personal records.

Your Attributes are calculated by adding your base stat, the bonus of equipped Items, active Potions and other bonuses (Demon's Portal, Pets...).

You can have up to 3 Potions active at a time. If you replace a Potion with a bigger one of the same color, the total duration of the smaller one is reset.
Quicksand Hourglasses can be bought in the Shops (single pack or 10-pack) or found as Quest rewards (only single packs).

Hint: you can buy the Golden Frame if you have 1000 . Find the merchant on the City screen.

Magic Mirror

Required: Level 50+

From Level 50 on you can find the 13 Shards of the broken Magic Mirror on Quests (Tavern). Collect all 13 shards to restore the Magic Mirror again. Its magic ability lets you go on Quests while your mirrored alter ego can fight in the Arena or in the Dungeon at the same time.

Hint: if you are already carrying a shard in your Backpack you cannot find another one.
Hint: the more Shards you found, the more difficult finding new ones becomes. It is normal that finding the last Shard might take up to several weeks.

Scrapbook of Meticulousness

Regardless of your age sticker albums are cool!

Input: click Avatar twice // press C key twice
Required: Level 10+

The Scrapbook of Meticulousness can be found from Level 10 on (Magic Shop). It combines Achievements and a sticker album.

Achievements are goals in the game you reach by completing certain tasks. Every Achievement adds a bonus of 25 to all Attributes.
Achievements - Official Guide: Link

Use the Scrapbook to collect more than 2000 stickers in the game! Every Item you find or buy and every Monster you defeat on Quests or in the Dungeons adds a sticker. The more stickers you have, the higher your XP bonus.

Hint: you do not get stickers for Twister Opponents. Moreover, the Epic Items that can be unlocked in the Twister don't have stickers either.

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