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Default Dungeons, Tower, Twister & Demon's Portal (Single Player)

Dungeons, Tower, Twister & Demon's Portal (Single Player)


List of dungeons and dungeon monsters:

When can I get a Dungeon key?

Key 1 can be found with level 10+. *
Key 2 can be found with level 20+.
Key 3 can be found with level 30+.
Key 4 can be found with level 40+.
Key 5 can be found with level 50+.
Key 6 can be found with level 70+ (and bought from the shop).
Key 7 can be found with level 80+.
Key 8 can be found with level 95+.
Key 9 can be found with level 110 on (and bought from the shop).

The 10th dungeon will be open after completing dungeons 1-9.

* + means "with level... or higher"

How do I know I will get a key for completing a quest?

The key is shown as a reward for the quest (similar to standard items).

What if I sell a key?

It does not matter. You can find the key again until you open the dungeon.

What if I lose a quest with a key as reward?

It does not matter. You can find the key again until you open the dungeon.

Do I have to complete a dungeon to get the next key?

No. You can open multiple dungeons without having to complete some of them first. The 10th dungeon is an exception: you have to complete the other nine first to get access.

In which order will I find the keys?

Keys 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8 can only be found in an ascending order, e.g. it is not possible to find the 3rd before the 2nd key. Keys 6 and 9 can also be obtained from the weapon and magic shops and are an exception to this rule: they can be found before or after the other keys.

You can find a key with a certain chance - let's call the chance to find a key after a quest x%. However, as keys 6 and 9 can be found after quests and in the shops, the chance is different:

Chance to find the 6th or 9th key after a quest: x% / 2.
Chance to find the 6th or 9th key in the shops: x% / 2.

Therefore, the chance to find these two keys after a quest is lower...which might explain that you haven't found the sixth key yet.

I'm level x and I haven't gotten the xth key yet?

Keys are randomly generated. Sometimes you can have a character with level 30 for example and you still haven't found the key to the second dungeon yet (although you can find it from level 20 on). It is pure chance...either luck or bad luck. Be patient and keep waiting, you will definitely get your key.

Are the opponents always the same or randomized??

They are always the same. Each user has to fight against the same opponents.

What do the opponents drop?

The opponents drop experience points and gold OR an item. The chance of getting an item is about 50%. In case an item is dropped you will get an epic item with a chance of 50%.

The final opponent (boss) in each dungeon automatically drops an epic item.

How strong are the opponents compared to normal quests?

They are stronger, do more damage but also have a higher constitution value.

Can I complete a dungeon again?

No. If you manage to clear a dungeon you cannot enter it a second time.

Does your guild have an effect on the dungeons?

No. The dungeons remain the same, no matter if you are in a guild or not. The level of a guild (Fortress, Treasure...) does not play a role either.

Shadow World

For a long time nobody knew of the shadow world's existence.
After unlocking the tower and your followers and reaching level 125 you can find the key to the shadow world in the gem mine of your fortress.
Select "Dungeons" in the game menu and click the bottom-right magic medal to enter the shadow world.
The monsters that lurk in the shadows are much stronger than normal baddies as their powers are boosted by evil shadows.
Don't be afraid! Your tower followers will help you on your adventures in the shadow world.
Each of the 14 shadow dungeons can be unlocked by a key buried in your gem mine. To find the key to the next dungeon you have to defeat a minimum of 5 floors of the current shadow dungeon.

Hint: defeat a shadow monster and find an epic item for your class or your followers (similar to the tower).
Hint: shadow world epics cannot be sacrified in the arcance toilet.


After completing dungeon 9 you don't get access to dungeon 10 only but to the Tower as well. With the help of three companions (a warrior, a scout and a mage) you can fight your way through the Tower's 100 floors. The companions can be leveled up (click the + next to their levels) and equipped with class-specific items from the Arcane Toilet. Your gold bonus increases by 1% for each floor completed and you can find epic items for your companions (not for your class though). Example: you are a mage, your companions are a warrior, a scout and a mage. You can only find equipment for warriors and scouts in the tower but not for mages (as you are a mage yourself).

Hint: the epic items you find in the Tower cannot be sacrificed in the Arcane Toilet. Moreover, you don't receive gold for the Tower items you sell in the shops.
Hint: your companions' maximum level cannot exceed your own level!

The Twister

Unlocking Shadow World will automatically unlock The Twister. Fight against 1000 random monsters from all over the Light World for XP, gold and items! If you defeat a monster with 90%+ health left you get a free attack (no waiting timer/mushroom needed).

The Twister update (Oct. 2016) introduced 50 new epic items you unlock in the Twister by completing certain tasks (for example clearing floor 100 or 250). Once unlocked, you can find them anywhere in the game (shops, all dungeons, even as a wheel of fortune prize if you are lucky).

These epics count towards the scrapbook (number of items) and will be also stored in your book later on (upcoming patch).

Demon's Portal (Single Player)

After reaching level 99 you get access to the Demon's Portal (also known as Dungeon Portal) as well. You can enter the portal once a day to fight against an extremely hard opponent. Beware as the opponent regenerate their health by 10% at midnight. Defeat an opponent to receive +1% hit points as a permanent bonus.

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