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Default Fortress


Home improvement!

Roaming the worlds and completing quests is great and all but returning home is also nice.
Now you have the option to build your own fortress as the game offers you a piece of land.
You start with a small fortress first, then with a woodcutter's hut which produces wood. You need this resource to build the quarry and other buildings.
Note: level 25 required.

The resources wood and stone are needed to build more buildings or upgrade existing ones. Attention! Wood and stone can be stolen during attacks. You can protect your resources by clicking on the woodcutter's hut or the quarry (resources won and lost will be explained later on).
Hover your mouse over the buildings to display the requirements and how everything works.

If you have collected enough resources to build or upgrade a building the game will tell you with an exclamation mark and show you where you can build something. Note: you can only build one building at a time.

Here's a short description of all buildings:

Note: several buildings or upgrades do not only require resources but also a minimum fortress level or the construction of other buildings. All buildings can be constructed without spending mushrooms.

Note: use the task bar (fortress overview) to view your resources, storage capacity and recruit soldiers, archers and battle mages or level them up with the smithy.

Note: the task bar also serves as quick access for the gem production. You do not need to click on the gem mine all the time.

Attacks on other players:

Your soldiers are bored? Then you better attack someone. Use the bottom-right attack button to attack other players in range (fortress hall of fame). If you do not like the target you get a different opponent after 5 minutes or you can also spend some gold.
Before an attack the potential reward is displayed. Attention: sometimes your scouts are wrong. Moreover, you also see fortifications, archers and battle mages - but only if the opponent has battle mages. Their number is not known as they can turn invisible.

Found an opponent?
Then select the number of soldiers you want to take part in the fight. Remember that they will not return. Attacking a level 25 fortress with simple fortifications with 8 level 30 soldiers does not make sense. Moreover, keep in mind that the potential reward should be higher than the instruction costs of new soldiers.

A fortress fight resembles the classic Shakes & Fidget battles. First, your soldiers fight against the fortifications, then they have to defeat the archers and finally the battle mages. You won? Awesome! You are rewarded with some of the opponent's wood and stone (will be further explained later on).

Note: the slider how many soldiers will be sent into battle is saved and automatically set next time you load the menu.

Defense against other players

All archers and battle mages that are defeated in an attack are lost. You have to instruct new ones by clicking on the task bar icons. In addition, you also lose some of your wood and stone.

Resources won and lost

You can only win if you declare an attack. You can only lose if you are attacked. After building your level 1 fortress your first resources (wood and stone) will be protected for 48 hours and cannot be stolen by other players. Afterwards, resources are kept and stolen using the calculation below:

If the attacker defeats you he/she is rewarded with 50% of your unprotected wood and stone (woodcutter's hut, quarry). In addition, the attacker also gains 10% of your resources that are stored in the fortress. After an attack your fortress is safe for 24 hours and other attackers can only steal 50% of your resources in your woodcutter's hut and quarry.

An example - you have the following resources:
Woodcutter's hut: 1400 wood
Quarry: 800 stone
Fortress: 8000 wood, 6000 stone

You are attacked and defeated. Now you lose 50% of your resources in the woodcutter's hut and quarry - you lose 700 wood and 400 stone....and you lose 10% of your resources stored in the fortress - you lose 800 wood and 600 stone.
The game calculates the total loss: 700 + 800 = 1500 wood and 400 + 600 = 1000 stone. First, the 1500 wood is taken from the woodcutter's hut and completely emptied (1500 - 1600 = -100). The remaining 100 wood is taken from the fortress, resulting in 0 wood (woodcutter's hut) and 7900 wood (fortress). The quarry has 0 stone as well, the fortress 5800 stone.

Now your fortress is safe for 24 hours. The resources in your woodcutter's hut and quarry can still be stolen. If you are attacked and defeated, again the attacker steals another 50% of your woodcutter's wood and quarry's stone.

Please note that the calculation above only applies if both players have the same fortress level or if yours is lower! If your fortress level is higher the gained resources are reduced by a certain percentage. If your fortress level is higher by 3 you cannot win any resources at all!


Target: fortress level 10
Your fortress: <= 10
Stone won: 1500

Your fortress: 11
Stone won: ~ 1100

Your fortress: 12
Stone won: ~ 900

Your fortress: >= 13
Stone won: 0

Update: attack bonus on fortresses in safe mode:

In addition to normal loot the attacker also gets a bonus that is added by the game and not taken from the target. If the attacker's fortress level is equal to the target's, the attacker gets as many wood and stone as the target's huts produce in 1 hour. Attacker level higher by 1: bonus of 45 minutes. Higher by 2? Bonus of 30 minutes. Higher by 3? Bonus of 15 minutes.


"Bright are your fortress' surroundings but dark is the world that lies beneath."

In order to gain access to the Underworld you need the Heart of Darkness, a mysterious gem that belongs to a horned and red-eyed reaper. This gem can be found in the gem mine of your fortress (upgrade level 10 + access to the Tower required). Drag and drop it onto your avatar and click the golden medal to enter the Underworld. You can also click the Fortress button once or twice to switch between Fortress and Underworld.

The Underworld focuses on the Souls of failed and fallen heroes. Use them to upgrade your Underworld buildings and raise your dark empire.

List of buildings:

How to reap them Souls!

You can lure up to 5 clueless heroes into your Underworld every day. Leave the dirty work to your army of Goblins, a Troll and the Keeper. Defeat heroes and reap their Souls!

Lure a hero by clicking on "Find hero...". Choose your victim in the Hall of Fame and click the sword icon to start the fight. The game automatically picks a hero whose level is required for maximum Soul gain. If your army wins, every defeated hero increases the required hero level by 1. If your army loses, the level decreases by 5.

Defeating higher levels does not give you more Souls but defeating lower levels decreases the amount of Souls gained. You will also get more Souls by upgrading your Torture Chamber.

Hint: The hero does not lose Souls or units in his/her Underworld!

Goblins, Trolls & Keeper:

A strong army is good, a stronger army is better. Upgrade your minions by...
1) upgrading the unit's building. You get more Goblins and your Trolls and Keeper get stronger. Max. level: 600, unlimited attributes.
2) improving the units themselves (bottom bar of the Underworld).

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