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Good question! The fireball deals up to 33% damage in single player battles...but it depends on the opponent's level and hit points. If you are level 50 and the monster is level 40 the monster losts 33% of its hit points.

However, if you attack the Demon's Portal the calculation is different. The monster does not lose 33%. If the level (I am not sure) is higher or the hit points (this is sure), the monster loses up to 33% of YOUR hit points.
Example: you have 999 hit point while the monster has 10,000. The fireball deals up to 33% but of YOUR hit points because yours are lower. 1/3 of your hit points (999) = 333. The monster had 10,000, loses 333 and has a remaining 9,666.

Guild fights are similar. You do not automatically deal 33% damage with your fireball but it depends on levels and hit points. If the opponent has more hit points the fireball deals up to 33% of YOUR hit points damage.
This adjustement is necessary because otherwise a weak battle mage with his tiny fireball would automatically burn 33% of a high-level super hero's hit points.

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