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Originally Posted by slasker View Post
PvP attacks with tower companions
How about having two types of arena fights - with or without companions?

More potion space
If people wants to use potions for all their stat's, why not let them? To me, it doesnt make sense you have to cancel another potion if you want to use a fourth.

Toilet info
Sometimes I forget, if I have already donated to the toilet... Could be nice having the info saying "already donated today"
About toilet info: There is an indicator already. When you donate an item you will see a green glow "filling" the toilet.

About more potion space: This will raise the need for people to buy more potions. Thus will make the game more expensive. So -1.

About companion fights: -1. Same reason... Game will be more expensive since now you have to worry about your companions gear as well.

I'm not a windows phone user but i think there is an app for those already

As for the rest i could definetely agree as long as they dont raise the game cost
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