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Sorry but why don't you undestand a "we are not able to help you as a different company is responsible as it is THEIR service and they have the technical tools?" (offers)

If you buy pizza and give it away to friends and they do not like the taste, they need to complain to the restaurant and not to you. You only gave it away, but didn't bake it.

I don't understand why you cannot accept a fact. Instead of contacting the company IN CHARGE (takes some seconds), you keep complaining for weeks, which does not change anything.

I wish I could help you, but it is not in my power.

EDIT And ads are not provided by us. We only embed an empty tube and clients are free to buy ads from the video ad company. Just imagine a street that belongs to us. We only place an empty advertising column there. People can go to the video ad company, buy ads from them to be displayed in certain counties...and the ad company puts them on our advertising column...if the column is empty because no ads have been bought for your country or region, we cannot change the ad company is responsible. All we can do is report a faulty video to the ad company and they will remove it.

Here's the FAQ entry:

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