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Originally Posted by Leslie Dunn12 View Post
I might've misunderstood something... what exactly does this "update" do for me if I'm not top 1 on server or guild? Even better, what would it do even if I was? It's a ranking*, it does exactly nothing.
I understand that you're disappointed. If you aren't in the top guild/the top hero on your server you don't get anything new. We wanted to add so much more guilds and heroes but it was not possible technically. The update isn't the birthday surprise but S&F Remastered is. The international guild rankings would have been part of the Easter update with the new guild raids but we had to delay it.

High-res graphics don't seem to be that important at first glance but with Adobe Flash already being on the verge of extinction we had to do something about it. Getting rid of a dying Flash base was urgent...and don't forget issues with Flash updates, popup blockers, Flash crashes etc. With S&F Remastered we're on the safe side technically.

Normal game updates will be released later on (the first one this fall).

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