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So I guess I am the only one who likes the changes huh ...

I play the remastered version of the game and in my opinion the new monster pictures fit the game nicely. It is all individual after all. I haven't seen the new epics and haven't even unlocked the new portal yet so I hope I won't be disappointed by them or by the poratal rewards. The only problem I have is that my album is messy. I see some of the new pictures but just some of them. Some monsters are still the same + I don't see the Harry Potter and LotR stickers there or the new 10 achievements.

Apart from that I find this mainly graphic update interesting at least, it feels really nice to look at the game now and that is important to me. I didn't expect any important and game-changing changes, this is a nice little surprise update I have to say ! I play this game for pleasure and I like it as it is .... and now it looks even better. And by that I don't mean I want it to stay the same forever but I play this game long enough not to cry for huge changes all the time.

Oh and the gold pit update is really nice, thanks for this one Playa.
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