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Originally Posted by forlong View Post
I'm not sure the content is what's destroying this game. For me, I'm good with most stuff. I've been playing since the game first started on s1 US server. Rather it's the amount of people playing on my server that's getting to me.
Heard there's 200K active players in shakes and fidget community worldwide, but not sure there's 100 people playing on my server. Is merging servers that hard?
As far as iam aware there was statement from playagames that there will be no merging of servers . Iam not gonna do research on that because I already spent too much time creating the topic post , but they mentioned some kind of problem which led to inability to do so .

While new content is not destroying the game itself , itís not helping the game to become more fun . If new content doesnít help then thereís only thing what it does , contributing to the fall of the game . Our opinions might part on this but I think that most players will agree that new updates were more money focused without offering fun for longer period in combination with something new that have not been there yet.

As I already mentioned : Pets = arena , city = tavern , new dungeons = old dungeons , witch / Smith : donít offer much content , new classes : they are not gamebreaking , it doesnít matter if you attack twice or hurl fireball or attack x times .
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