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Default Suggestions from CZ community

Here is list of ideas I gathered from our Clan on CZ server (some of them I have reformulated to make them more attractive for game designers - anyway, this game is about milking money from players in an aesthetically pleasant way):

- Inventory: enable purchase of "Bag of holding" for few mushrooms, mainly to make collections of Epic items (it would be nice to get full set of Hedonistic armor Throwing knives and potions for Marksmen (limited qty items), Magic wands w/ limited charge for Casters (w/ freezing/burning/stunning effect) ...

- Stables: Enable buying "figthing" animals as well, to fight next to you in a combat, or to improve some of your stats (for warriors which prefer fighting to exploration). PS: Where is the unreliable mechanic bird from the Comics - we want it!

- Messenger service: enable sending small gifts (flowers, exploding gifts, killer bunnies - something useless but nice and funny) to players during some events (X-mas, Easter...). Enable spam filter to avoid messages from pestering players, store arena messages to a separate folder.

- Guild wars: recompensate victorious guild for money invested. Add more upgrades for fortress ("fire walls", ballistas, water ditches, traps...) with effect on wars, something rather enriching for game style than prohibitive. Anyway, who cares about honour, this is business - enable "buying players" from opponents guilds, give war medals for exceptional deeds (p.ex. when a single player kills opponents of total life pts exceeding 2x his own, he gets the title "Slayer of guild xxx"; or Mastermind of guild xxx, for successfully launching 10 guild wars...; should not be explicitely announced to let the players to discover what is possible to achieve...).

- Guild screen: Improve the internal communication system (/// tag is really something out of date in 21th century). What about allowing guilds to build their own little "fortress cellar" dungeon (populating it with some customized monsters/monsters captured after finished quests + possibility to add flavour text), which others may enter; if they win, they get away with available guild treasure, if they fail, guild fortress gets few extra honour points and gold coins from defeated player? It will boost the motivation of Builders/Explorers players a lot. Contests as "Best guild dungeon 2010" likely to appear soon after

- Arena: enable to fight several opponents, skirmishes of players/Guilds against monsters swarms, Guilds challenging each other to have their best fighters meet in Arena (in a WWI Knights of the Sky style). Enable creation of stable partnerships in some sort of hunting party for two, max. three heroes, cooperative play in harder quests specially devised for teamplay (will attract people to be constantly present together with their friends in game). Can be made accessible through Town gate as "Outdoor Party" feature

- Goodies and Easter eggs: a Leprechaun or Fidget running w/ burning head around once a while randomly over screen - who clicks on him catches/saves him & gets 5 mushrooms... or a rat with an item in its mouth lurking under buttons... this may attract more players sitting and watching the screen for a random event . Special events during which weapons will be replaced by cream cakes or paintball guns, leaving traces on player portraits after duels in Arena...

- Potential expansions: New town - dark elves subterranean city? Flying islands accessible only for players with flying beasts? Interactive & strategic fortress conquests.

More to be collected -
- Let the others to grow -

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