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See that is where most ppl are wrong it doesn't matter when you start on a server if you shroom and get in the right guild you can lvl quickly and catch up. if you don't it takes a long time to reach the top so why would it matter then which server you start on.

2 examples of starting late. On s1 US I started abt 2-3 years late when I retired there I was in the top 40 players and took a guild from abt the rank of 120 to the top 30. (that guild is currently ranked 13th)

On s2 UK I started abt 5-6 months late and was the 3rd or 4th to reach lvl 300 and was in top 3 for abt 6 months b4 retiring there.

here is a 3rd example on s3 US top players were abt lvl 220 I hit the #1 ranking abt a year after starting there and currently in top 4 and usually in top spot a good amount of the time and a current level of 368
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