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The old we need a video ID I have had at least 20 different videos and ALL have had the same number. I dont mean brand "x" 20 times I mean Brands A-Z had bad videos with the same ID so how are they to know which one and TBH if I sent a ticket for each video that didnt work it would be a full time job. I could understand one happening once in awhile but when 75% dont work by either just gray screen to watching a video and getting no lucky coins. this means there is something very wrong with either a- the embedding which i dont feel that is the issue but more with option b- how send 3rd party is delivering send videos. I would assume that if players are not getting credit for watching the videos that Playa is not as well but I am very sure the 3rd party is getting their money from the ad providers because if they werent (as the rock would say) you can beat your candy arse that it would be fixed within an hour.
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