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Default Сustomization and Portraits

Hello! I was thinking about something and since I did not find similar topics I decided to make this suggestion.

There are many cool enemy portraits in the game, and many of them disappear from view and not used after you have defeated a boss or enemy, soo I thought it would be cool if players could use portraits of defeated enemies, as an alternative or additional customization option.

With this you can come up with a bunch of variations using, for example, use the portrait of the boss or enemy you have been killing for months to show off or use certain portraits for the guild theme or simply use because you like it.

If needed options can be restricted, for example - conditions for obtaining a portrait, only obtaining in shadow world.

Anyway, here is the suggestion, how possible and difficult to implement I would really like to know, i do think it would be a great use than just collecting them in a book.
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