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Default Shakes & Fidget - Formulas - Calculators, statistics and more.

Hello! :)
I am new to this forums, but not new to Shakes & Fidget world. I am playing at Polish servers from some time :)
I would like to share with you fansite I made for Polish Shakes & Fidget community. It is online database with very useful informations and statistics from SF game. There are also very helpfull calculators. It will help you to make decision which quest is better, which weapon is better etc.
Huge advantage of this web site is you dont need to download any Excel nor .exe files. Everything is available online.

My web site is very popular in Poland, and I noticed many people from other countries using it with google translator. I also received emails with request of translation my web site into english.

So here we go, today I translated whole site to english :)


Direct links to sections:
- Compare quests (calculator)
- Compare weapon's damage (calculator)
- Attributes (costs)
- Guild expanding (costs)
- Guild war (costs)
- Class and Race (stats, images)
- Medals (requirements, images)
- Dungeons (compare monsters) NEW!
- City Guard (earnings ) NEW!
- Experience (exp points for lvl up ) NEW!


Sections menu and site logo:

Quest calculator:

Weapon calculator:

Info sections:

I hope you enjoy my fansite :)

I am not english native, so there is posibility I made some grammar mistakes. If you find any, please let me know, so I will fix it :)

Currently I am working on more calculators, more advanced ones. Also gathering infos for few additional sections.

Kind regards,
My gaming fansites: Shakes & Fidget | Knight Online | Diablo | Torchlight 2 | WarCraft 2

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