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Originally Posted by BMWGuinness View Post
Hi Enza, yes I believe this was because they originally intended to limit the gem mine to 50 until they realized I had already surpassed 50. This is very good work!, and explains why Furaken has the highest Luck in the game (for now). I hope to battle him in the IHOF by year's end! My highest gem is 1183 at level 503 with Knights 967 (49 members).
Good luck for that ;-)
I boosted my gem mine but when I realize that the stats progression was logarithmic, I choose to take my time (Furaken too) and my

At the beginning the developers said that the max level was infinite (gold mine max level was 225 - Actually gold mine level 100 give the same amount ofgold per hour as the city guard). Maybe, in order to decrease the deviation between players and player without they decided to put a ln in the formula (which is a pretty bad new)

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