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Originally Posted by merlination View Post
Same player. Unfortunately I can not do what you ask for two reasons. First one is quite stupid how do I get a screen shot? Second, by posting this screen shot I go against the rules set out by those who run the boards it would mean naming names. Whereas we have to remain nameless in what we post. Hurumph.. I think what I am going to do is just not retaliate and possibly let him get by me (if he would). He is well known to the community at large as I am not the first he has done this to. I just happen to be picked on at the moment.

merlin mage corps
but you can pm the screenshots there is no rule against that. not sure what os u have but windows 7 and 8 has a snipping tool which is fairly easy to use just bring up the program and I use the rectangle one and click and drag a box to cover the area I want and save it. to pm it I suggest using a free photo hosting site like photo bucket. and pm the link of the photo
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