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Lightbulb Guild Log

Guild GUI miss some useful information that could help guildmaster (and officers), for example searching information about day old guild combat.

This can be solved by Guild Combat Log, which would track information about guild vs guild combats. Information will contain (and not limited to): Person who started the attack, Result of the combat, honor gained, and registered players for the encounter. Also the replay combat button would be nice.

This would help guild masters to see overall performance and activity in guild, could be used to see combats (like the mail you get after being attacked) whem guildmasters/officers are few days out of game and can check which guilds is beatable. Also the fight replay system would allow guildmaster to see how his members perform and what are capabilities of the guild. Having a chance to rewiev lets say 10 last combats can be wonderful

I would like to see opinions and some improvements from experienced guildmasters, to make this idea perfect.

[Edit: expanded the idea]

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