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Originally Posted by Lady Kendra View Post
So, this is legit? Not a cheat? Sounds like at the very least an exploit or something that the devs should look at as far as nerfing this twister somehow, or do something.

Totally unfair advantage in my mind.
Buy 50.000 and spend it on rolling items, digging gems, thousands of trys in dungeons and pick scout.

It isn't unfair, you can spend 8.000 euro and make 217 in even less (on it took 7 days).
Of-course it isn't worth because in long term this guy will disappear. In this game matter only two things:
-mount 50%
-320 thirst/day

Even someone has 100 lvls advantage it wont make big difference after one year of constant play.

PS. Many "rushers" delete themselves after few months so just let them make their role (donate Playa hard so we can still play this game)
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