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Default Guild Officials & Hydra

Since Hydra's level and attributes are given by the average level/attributes of the first 25 players in the guild there are some issues with the official rank within the guid.

The 25 players chosen for the pet calculation are the first 25 (not necessarily highest), so if there are some officials that are "weak" the guild pet will result less powerful than deserved if considering all players or the highest.

Now, in order to maximise the pet power, guild leaders will chose as officials the 24 highest levels in the guild and not friends or the more active or worthy players.

So, what's the point of rankings in the guild if now this system might work against the game itself?

My suggestion is showing in the guild tab all the members in skill or level order (and using the other parameter in case of tie). Not anymore the officials in first place and then all the normal members.

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