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Default ZAYBXCWDVEUFTGSHRIQJPKOLNM Recruitment Thread International Server 18

Hello dear Forum.
I would like to intruduce you our guild ZAYBXCWDVEUFTGSHRIQJPKOLNM on International Server 18.
The name of the Guild is The Alphabet in an another form.
We are Sponsored by (link removed)
We are a dayli growing active guild and fight dayli.
We have place for 50 members.
Our Gold Bonus is on 120 % and our experience Bonus on 120 %.
Every Member under the 3 Rank of the Guild have to donate gold dayli and 50 % of the Citywatch income.
2 Days inactivity, without a message means expulsion.
Every active player is welcome to join us.
If you are interested in joining our Guild,
contact me over this Forum, or in the Game under the name Olvan on international Server 18.
Best Greetings

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