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Knytul, why are you such an arrogant person? You actually speak out as though your greater than those in your guild, and better than us, i don't get it?

Telling Xodi what to do like your his daddy? He has to obey you? I personally found what Doomguard said quite funny, but clearly Xodi didn't. If you feel it's unneccessary for DoomB to have replied in accordance with Shark rules, then you speak with him, but you have no right in telling anyone else here what to do.

Honestly nobody has a clue why Syndicate (yes im gonna refer to you guys as that and **** all the name changes) does what it does or why it does it.

You guys dont know why or what we do, but you LOVE to assume.
Your also a hypocrit.... numerous times you have reffered to what we've 'done', and how we go about the things we 'do'... like you would even know? Multiple people in your guild on these forums have "assumed" - lets bare in mind you dont like this being done to you - that we just get rid of low levels, even when we have the proof to show otherwise - why would Jinze have joined us if she beleived this wasn't true from the evidence we showed her - so please, please, stop your moaning, arrogant and pointless views and keep them to yourself. You go on about not wanting to start or continue these pathetic arguements, yet you always want the last word/post or feel the need to pop up and get involved.

Oh, and by the way, no one cares who you do or don't like, or wether or not we annoy you, or someone in our guild annoys you... Now go and have fun licking didndots asshole - yeah i know about that, i saw the pictures - i mean, your nostrils couldn't be anymore deeper up his sphincter without you t-bagging him

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