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This is actually one of the more irritating aspects of this game. Some of us don't like it and won't play this way. Others just want to shove it down your throat. I ask Mage Corps to not use the arena but to pick from the Hall of Fame. We have had several issues over the years with some fool who just attacks again and again. Several times I have asked the player kindly to stop, most of the time it works. But then again other times it does not. In that case I suggest talking to the guild leader. If that does not work then either you have to ignore them and they will go away eventually or you find a bigger friend to help out and whack a doodle them.

Recently I have had to attack a guild an offender is in to get him off my back. Not the way I want to play.

Unfortunately some people never learn. And to be honest most of them leave after awhile when they don't get the response they are looking for. Some people are just born bullies.
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