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Originally Posted by Meow View Post
Hold on.. What is this witch aura? I thought the witch only gave you enchants?
There is no such thing as "witch aura". According to previous patch notes the witch has an effect on the WC's aura.

But i don't really know the specifics into that so that is why im asking.

Some facts i got so far from the 2 servers i'm playing.

1. Player level 252 with a level 12 aura and 1 scroll available gets this:

So in this case i'm treated like a 266 level player. (bonus/1.2) Meaning I get a bonus of +14 levels when it came down to item attributes.

2. Player level 245 with a level 14 and 9 scrolls available gets this:

So in this case i'm treated like a 286 level player. (bonus/1.2) Meaning I get a bonus of +41 levels.

a. I think from the first case example we can safely say that each Aura level is +1 player level when it comes down to attributes calculations.
b. Taking that fact into the 2nd example we got:
41=14+9x ==>
So each scroll equals to 3 aura levels. (?)

BUT! I read for a fact here that the witche's effect on Aura was lowered for servers with 3 or more scrolls.
Which tells me that my calculations are propably not very accurate.

Perhaps there is some kind of progress (think of it like the fight's rounds... 1-1.4-1.8 etc...) from scroll to scroll I can't tell for sure..

PS: I used epics to showcase my examples in order to minimize the attribute vary, thus making the example as good as possible.
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