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Originally Posted by sharshooter View Post
So you confirm that, both exp and gold is affected with leveling up all the time?
Gold is always grow up and sometime reach 10kk limit per quest.

Quest: 02:30 min, 10000000 gold (66666.67/s), 427843 ep (2852.29/s)
Quest: 05:00 min, 10000000 gold (33333.33/s), 2767003 ep (9223.34/s)
Quest: 07:30 min, 10000000 gold (22222.22/s), 1889772 ep (4199.49/s)
Quest: 10:00 min, 10000000 gold (16666.67/s), 1985162 ep (3308.6/s)
At lvl 437 I see 10kk 10 minutes quests often and 7.30 min quests reaching 19000.00/s

Exp is decreasing after reaching lvl 393 and max exp cap 1.500.000.000

It's exp and gold per day in millions. Also at lvl 437 I am getting 42kk gold for 20h city guard and ~20kk for selling 9 gems per 24h. Playing 320 thirst with exp quests.

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