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Class change wouldn't screw up the balance at all imo. Simply reduce it to 1 or max 2 times per char to prevent overusage.

Let's not count the assasins now , but let's say the class change is implented now with limited 1x or 2x usage per char, it's not like every1 would go scout, or even if some would, a guild with good diversity, mages etc would most likely overpower a 1 class guild anyway.

But whatever will happens i'm fine, tho feels like the previous guy aswell. It's really hella unfair toward loyal,old players to release a new class w/o the ability to try it out on old servers and possibly switch to it, way more unfair than adding class change would be.

But well got used to it long ago how playa aint rly care about old servers / players.

Just my 2 cent tho, looking forward to the upgrade on the other hand.

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